Email has become one of the most convenient and efficient forms of communication in the digital world. Not only is it useful for personal conversations, but it’s also a preferred channel for business and commerce. The Content Marketing Institute found that 90% of marketers use email for their campaigns. Plus, it can convert users because, for every $1 spent on an email, you can get a $42 ROI. 

Not surprisingly, entrepreneurs have been taking advantage of email marketing ideas to make their brands closer to the heart of their target audience. With great copy and design, you can definitely convert that lead into a customer. By using a design service like Penji, you can be sure that your email marketing ideas will come to life. In this article, know the top 15 email ideas you can use for your campaigns.

10 Email Marketing Ideas Every Business Should Use

Here are some ideas you might want to consider for your email marketing plan.

1. Build a Solid Email List

Having a solid email list is the first step to creating an email marketing plan that works. After all, even the most ingenious marketing plan wouldn’t be of use if you don’t have an audience to read or view your promotional materials.

It’s vital to build a solid email list and provide subscribers with valuable information. That way, they wouldn’t have to hit the unsubscribe button.

2. Apply Email Segmentation

Building on having an email list, you need to make sure that you create different lists for each type of lead or subscriber. For example, someone signed up for your email newsletter, but they haven’t purchased anything. Or maybe, you have a long-time customer subscribed to your email newsletter and want them to buy something else in your store.

This will help you create different email graphics for each type of subscriber. It may be costly and time-consuming to send emails to different subscribers, but you have to make sure you’re targeting the correct people for a campaign.

3. Make it Easy for Subscribers to Sign Up

Using email for marketing allows for a lot of creative freedom. But there are legal rules every business must comply with.

The CAN-SPAM Act is a law that sets the regulations for commercial email and establishes requirements for commercial messages. Penalties could reach up to $16,000 per email in violation of the law. So it’s worth the time to go over this law.

4. Pay Attention to the Subject Line

Just as headlines are crucial to a news story, the subject line is one of the most significant email marketing ideas.

The subject should catch the attention of prospects to achieve outstanding open rates and click rates. However, marketers should note that the CAN-SPAM Act also restricts against misleading or deceiving subject lines. Make sure to tread carefully.

5. Make the Preview Text Interesting

The preview text should complement the subject line to boost open rates. 

The subject line must catch the prospects’ attention. But the preview text should keep them interested and engaged enough to improve click rates. The preview text is only a few words long, so be sure to make every character count.

6. Let Your Brand Identity Shine Through

A prospect must see your brand identity shine through all your campaigns and each email you send. From the logo, color scheme, and choice of images, the email should display a pleasing graphic design. This should emphasize your brand’s unique personality. Check out this article on How Bad Graphic Design is Hurting Your Business.

Aside from the visual elements of your campaign, it’s also significant to make sure that the voice and tone of your messages are consistent. It would be extremely confusing if you send a laid-back email peppered with slang words one day, and be ultra-formal in your tone the next day.

7. Subscribe to Other Business’ Email Campaign

If you want to know how other businesses are doing it, it won’t hurt to spy on your competition. Subscribe to their email campaign and dissect how they’re doing it.

It will also be beneficial to subscribe to campaigns of businesses, not within your industry. This practice can provide you with a broader range of techniques. Plus, it exposes you to various ways of promoting a business through email.   

8. Optimize on Mobile

With a lot of people accessing their email on their mobile devices, it’s essential to optimize your emails for mobile viewing. 

Mobile optimization means making sure that your text is big enough for a phone screen. Aside from text size, the spacing should be adequate to allow for regular scrolling. 

Marketers should also pay particular attention paid to images. Any photo or illustration should be just the right size so as not to overwhelm the mobile user.

Though most email services offer automatic mobile optimization, be sure to preview your email on your device before you send it to your email list.

9. Keep it Simple

Most people wouldn’t have the time to go through long paragraphs of promotional mail. When crafting an email, it’s vital to keep everything as simple as possible.

The key idea is to inform prospects about the product, service, or promotion that you’re offering in the least complicated and shortest way. By doing this, you wouldn’t lose your prospects’ interest, and there will be a higher chance of closing a sale.

10. Double-Check Your Links

Making sure that all your links are correctly in place allows your customers to opt-in without complications. After all, having excellent open rates and click rates will all be for nothing if the email reader wouldn’t be able to go through to your website.

Out of the ten email marketing ideas mentioned on this list, this item could be a factor that a lot of marketers and entrepreneurs don’t pay much attention to. However, this practice is crucial to make sure that the email works for your venture’s advantage. As they say, the devil is in the details.

11. Consider Split Testing

Split testing is a common practice by most marketers. It allows them to see which campaign, ad, or email performed better than the other. By doing this, you can observe open and click through rates. Plus, from here, you could know the best times to send an email.

If you decide to do this, let’s say you send two different emails to your subscribers. For example, you could have different designs to send. Or you can consider using a different copy. Either way, this will help you gauge how you can send better emails to subscribers and potential leads.

12. Send Emails On A Schedule

Intercom, CoSchedule, and Campaign Monitor find that most people would open their emails on a Tuesday and a Thursday. On Tuesdays, you can get higher click-through rates. Meanwhile, you get open rates on Thursdays.

But in some cases, you might have to be flexible. For example, just because research dictates you should send it at these times doesn’t mean all your recipients would open it. You’ll never know that other companies and your competitors might be competing for the target audience’s time too. So, it’s best that over time, you learn when you have the most open rates or click-through rates. This way, your email marketing efforts don’t go to waste.

13. Provide Value

When doing email marketing, you need to make sure that you add value to every email you send to subscribers. It doesn’t have to be discounts and sales all the time. Giveaways are a popular choice by many marketers. After all, people want something free.

Aside from that, throw in social proof in the email. Or perhaps you can upload a case study you can share with your subscribers.

14. Integrate Emails to Your Overall Marketing Campaign

One best practice that marketers follow is connecting one marketing strategy to another. Email is no exception. Even if emails might not be your primary communication platform, you can still drive traffic to your social media pages or website.

One way you can practice this is by integrating your email marketing strategy with a landing page. This way, you’re leading them on a funnel where they can click Add to Cart or take action in another way.

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