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Absolutely no hidden fees. The package price is exactly what you pay on a monthly basis. All taxes and fees are included in that price.

Not at all, you are enrolled on a month to month membership and can cancel anytime – hassle free.

No. You don’t have to write us a letter, jump through a hoop of fire, or go through 15 pages to find the cancel button. Simply tell your account manager or email us at The only question we ask if “What could we have done better to keep you?”

Penji operates via a subscription model. In order to receive the benefits of submitting design requests whenever you want, for whatever you want, and as frequently as you want, a membership is required.

We do not accept check, cash, money transfer, or Paypal as methods of payment. At the moment the only accepted form of payment is a verified credit or debit card.

You can email support directly, message your project manager, or use the “Contact support” feature on the dashboard and request to cancel.

Please contact support immediately if you were erroneously billed after cancellation. Your cancellation request will be time stamped and recognized on the date/time that you submitted your request. Should you be billed after that date, you will be eligible for a refund.

We only offer refunds during the initial trial period and under certain situations. Unfortunately we can’t refund due to inactivity.

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