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Generate more sales by delegating the design work to a team of expert merch designers.

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Why merch sellers love Penji

Generate more sales and level up your tiers by letting Penji take care of your designs.


Better than outsourcing

Forget managing freelancers. Have talented artists design merch for you without the headache.


Unlimited merch designs

Submit as many merch design projects as you want. Your designers will complete it one project at a time.


Variations & bulk designs

Get more designs back by requesting color variations, text swaps, and batch design projects.


Fast turnaround

Receive design drafts in 24 to 48 hours. We will design as quickly as you crank out ideas.


Custom original designs

Every design is custom-made just for you. Never worry about trademark infringements.


Ownership of files

100% ownership of all original source files created for your merch projects.

A designer for all your merch needs

T-shirts, PopSockets, hoodies, trade show materials, and more...

Do more with Penji

A simple platform to create, manage and download your merch designs.

Thousands of design types covered

Whatever your clients need designed, Penji has a designer for it.

All digital & print graphics

Thousands of types of digital and print graphics covered. Anything you need, there’s always a Penji designer who can design it.

Marketing & Ads

Work with designers who understand how to design marketing materials and advertisements that speak to your audience.

UX/UI & Illustrations

Nothing is too complex for Penji. Logos, websites, apps, pitch decks, and custom illustrations are all within our wheelhouse.

Penji is the top solution for compelling merch designs

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