Jeffrey Davidson

by adminWFM, 06/01/18

“Can’t say enough great things about these guys. We’re a publication that constantly need designs, image resizing, touchups, and it’s way too expensive to hire someone internally for that. And we’re always on a short deadline so freelancing didn’t work well for us. Penji was the service we didn’t know we were looking for. They claim 48 hours turnaround time, but it always seems like they deliver quicker than that. Their work isn’t always perfect. There were definitely times that I had to do a bit more explaining than I wanted to in order to get my revisions done, but they’re snappy with communications. And they have a pretty cool online software that makes it ridiculously easy for me to actually keep track of all our design projects. I can only give them 4/5 stars because their software is still new and I found myself reporting more issues and bugs than I should as a customer. Other than that, definitely recommended, once they fix up their software.”