What makes a good Letter A logo?

Keep it simple

When designing a custom logo, the rule ‘less is more’ is not only applicable, it is what you should always go for. Clarity is one of the top qualities that makes a custom logo design effective and to have this, simplicity is the key. Your custom logo design should be simple to make it easily recognizable and memorable as well.

Humanizing your brand is a great way to connect with your customers, and when you have a custom logo that’s simple and memorable, doing this is a breeze. Simplicity can translate to more visibility, more brand awareness, and more success. Plus, it can surely make you stand out from the competition as a simple logo can be more difficult to copy or replicate.

Color Theory

Color is essential in designing logos and it’s more than what meets the eye. Choosing the right color combination isn’t as simple as what your favorite is and what looks good. There is a psychology behind it and using the right one for your logo requires careful attention.


The fonts you use in your custom logo also have the power to evoke emotions. It’s the same way that colors do, but on a much different level. Not all logos have typography in it. If you decide to use them, it’s always a good idea to know what type to use and how.

Creating a Letter A Logo

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