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Tiara Zolnierz: Why Following The Good Vibes Will Always Lead You To Success

September 4, 2019, by


Episode #37 of Shades of Success focuses on the entrepreneur, artist, and athlete, Tiara Zolnierz. I’ve heard about EnrichHer for quite some time, and through the referral by the founder, I was able to talk with Tiara in depth. EnrichHer is making breakthroughs and disrupting the conventional way in lending and funding small businesses. In my interview with Tiara, we talk about her journey in becoming an effective salesperson, collaborating with entrepreneurs to receive funding, and the good vibes that keep her going and leading her way. Listen to our interview here.

Tiara Zolnierz

Tiara Zolnierz is the co-founder of the Fin-Tech company, EnrichHer. She was determined to have a career in sales, which led her to listen to podcasts, read books, and put herself in salespeople’s shoes. She exceeded sales quotas, backed by her 12-year record in Human Capital Management. She’s also a results-driven and dynamic person. Good vibes and positive energy keep her going, which helps her balance her endeavors and her interactions with people.

Not only is she an entrepreneur, but she’s also a musician and a tennis athlete. As a musician, she coined “social empowerment music” to describe her music. Meanwhile, as a tennis athlete, she takes care of herself through her raw vegan diet and trains daily. One day she hopes to win a US Open trophy.


EnrichHer is a Fin-Tech company that supports women-led businesses through funding. Social change, empowerment, and creative use of monetary resources drive the company to create change for women. They make it easy for entrepreneurs to get funding through signing-up with a three-step pre-qualification process. 

They help ventures grow through three avenues (eco-systems):

EnrichHER Funding – For entrepreneurs needing grants, funds, and loans

EnrichHER Spark – For founders, fans, and funders that need advice, training, and funding through events and conferences

EnrichHER Society – For everyone in support of women-led businesses and future female entrepreneurs to connect and network to belong in the community

[00:06:13] – Why do you think there’s a lack of access to capital for women of color specifically and what does the company do to help break those barriers?

Barriers exist because of how American corporations have operated in the last 400 years. We look at everything in terms of the CEO, the director, the shareholders and they make millions compared to employees. Our goal is to help people breakthrough, disrupt industries, and create generational wealth. We want to take them out of a 9 to 5 into a business owner and provide them with the capital also the non-tangible resources needed to scale. With this, you can shift an entire group of people in the country.

[00:13:35] – Why is it so important for more women to find their place at the table, specifically in the tech industry and how can inclusion make products and services better in general?

When you have a team of people and everyone thinks and looks the same, you’re gonna be limited in your capabilities. So when you have a more diverse array of people it just opens up the potential to be able to grow in scale, especially women. There’s all different women, different nationalities, and different backgrounds. Bringing all that wealth and knowledge together can innovate some of the basic things we do. I just think that women have a natural level of innovation that’s connected to our intuition. This really helps us in terms of business and technology and just running a strong team.

[00:18:26] – You spent a majority of your career in sales and have been very successful. What is the single best advice you can give someone who’s looking to get better at sales?

Self-confidence. Increase your self-confidence and being authentic and not being selfish in terms of when you’re meeting with a client and trying to sell them. Really find the ways you can actually help them and add value first and not even thinking about the monetary side of it yet. Because if you meet someone and you’re being your authentic self and you’re really helping them for the right reasons, that energy resonates with them and they’re nine times out of ten would give you a chance. And even if they say no now when the time comes and make whatever changes or whatever you’re trying to sell them, they’ll either refer you or they’ll buy from you.

About the author

Sekinah Brodie is the Director of Partnerships at Penji. She enjoys writing and constantly learning about technology, entrepreneurship, and diversity in startups. She strives to empower women and minorities with job opportunities, career development, and positive representation. She recently launched an interview based podcast called “Shades of Success” that highlights individuals who champion diversity and positive community impact.

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