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David Markovich

Great model, wonderful team and obviously great design.”

John Lorenzo (Rev Cowork)

“Penji has been great for my start-up RevCowork. It’s like we have an in-house graphic design team but for a fraction of the cost! The process is simple & straight forward and the business model is fantastic for start-ups, entrepreneurs and even established businesses who knows what they want in regards to their marketing needs. Thanks Penji!”

Saanika Pillai

“The interaction with the team was great! They were extremely professional and responsive to feedback.”

Le Phan (Rescuing Leftover Cuisine)

“My organization has been using Penji’s service for a couple of months. So far, we’ve been incredibly happy with the results. The Penji team are extremely talented and accommodating. We love using their online platform to give specific feedback about the products. Penji team always listen to our feedback and work with us to produce beautiful marketing materials, saving us time and money 

Daniel Deary

In a month I may be able to up my review to 5 stars but initially I was disappointed in the communication. I think it is easier to talk on the phone to “discuss” the feel for a project but they prefer electronic communication. Possibly a learning curve on my behalf but having said that I worked with Jonathan (I believe he is the owner) and he worked extremely hard to earn my continued business. The design work is very good and the turnaround timely.  I do recommend this service.

Jenna Erickson

I used Penji for a few months; if you don’t have a designer on your team (or a design team in general) Penji would be a great addition to your team. We stopped using them because we have many in-house designers, but they did produce good work.

Joshua Stiebens

“Penji is amazing! I had a couple projects I needed completed and Penji went above and beyond to transform my rough ideas into awesome designs. Working with them was a breeze too. They were crazy fast, super easy to communicate with, and extremely helpful when I asked for a few design changes. I’d definitely recommend Penji to anyone looking for great designs.”

Waterfront Lab

“Running a coworking space is already a multi-tasking challenge. Doing graphics design work for all of the events and programs we host is something we’ve always struggled with. A friend introduced me to Penji and it’s literally saved the business. I didn’t realize how much time we wasted when we were trying to do all the graphic design work ourselves. It was literally mind boggling how fast and efficient Penji gets design done. I would have an event happening this weekend, and they would be able to get all the flyers, sponsors slide, social media posts, all up within a few days. Can’t love these guys enough.”

Stock Butter

Penji actually helped us designed every single page on our website http://camdenstock.com. We were a bit skeptical at first since our website is VERY complex and have a lot of little pages, popups, and call to actions. But they did it. Project by project, we were able to piece together the website. And the Penji software made the entire process extremely easy to manage. Normally we’d be sorting through hundreds of email threads to organize a website this complex, but we didn’t have to do that. Now that we’re done with the website, we’re continuing to use Penji for all of our marketing and branding materials.”

“We’re an advertisement agency with a focus on PPC. We need a lot of google ads designed for our clients and Penji does a fantastic job constantly producing ads that exceed our expectations. We’re able to focus more on the actual PPC campaign itself instead of the ads since using Penji.”

Camden Catalyst

“We’re an event organizing organization. We host pitch competitions, startup conferences, and other major event in the city. Before we used to do all of freelance our design work or have an intern do them. Rarely did we meet deadline for our promotional materials and that’s why Penji caught our attention. Penji has made a huge difference in terms of the quality of how our events look when promoting and how efficient we operate now that we don’t have to worry about when the designs will come in or if it’ll look good. Penji always delivers on time and Naciye’s design work is out of this world!” 

Zachary Phillips

“I can attest that Penji’s design service is spectacular. With very little instructions required, Penji got my organization’s message and continues to deliver quality designs. Shoutout to Liam & Jie.”

Veniece Newton

“Penji , coming into my life has literally been a blessing ! They came at a time when the organization was not in a position to hire multiple graphic artists , website designers etc . Penji has Not only been a one stop shop for us , but it is also affordable . Penji saves us time , money and the stress of searching for experienced talent . The professionalism is superb and the turn around is very prompt . Thank you Penji for making my life much easier!!!!!” 

Justin Poiroux CEO of Yellow Card Financial

“Penji has been an incredible addition to our workflow as a lean startup. With us only having a handful of team members, being able to hand off needed designs to a dedicated team has been a large weight off of our shoulders. With fantastic delivery times and dedicated designers, Penji has become an immensely valuable asset to us that I highly recommend to any startup that needs to hand off some items from their to-do list.”

Dan Mrazik

“Very responsive. Quick turnaround. Quality work. Soooo many different types of projects that they’ll get done. I recommend highly!”

Chanelle Clark

“Penji delivers high-quality results! Our non-profit, The Joseph Fund of Camden, has been working with Penji for a short amount of time, and they have already helped us complete projects. Their responses are quick and they offered us multiple options and versions of our marketing prints to choose from. We are so happy that they are helping our organization spread the message of the great work that is happening in Camden. We look forward to continuing utilizing their services and bearing witness to the positive change their company brings to our community.”

Matt Benton

“We are working with Penji and are really happy to let everyone know that we love working with them. They have been very creative, responsive and professional. The website is very easy to work with and they were responsive and creative during design development. We love the logo they made for us and look forward to developing more graphics with them.” 

Brittany Martin Déjean

“I love the concept and have loved what’s been designed for me so far. It’s a quick turnaround and they’re very responsive and attentive. I’ve hit a few snags on their site and they’re very quick to resolve my issues.”

Dhej Pasco

“Penji gets the work done period 😀

10 Things Why I Love Penji

  1. They’re affordable
  2. They’re fast
  3. They communicate promptly
  4. They tell you when there’s an issue on their app
  5. They take revision requests seriously
  6. They deliver between great and awesome
  7. They design tirelessly
  8. They have a caring support
  9. They have a hardworking manager
  10. They are lead by damn good designer in all of SJ”


Miles of Stuff Inc.

“Signing up with Penji has freed up my time to focus on other parts of my business while leaving the graphic designs to the professionals. I wasn’t sure what to expect upon sign up as I’ve never used an “unlimited” design service but have been very happy with the results. The flat monthly rate makes accounting simple and while it may look like a high fee it is worth it if you consistently have projects for them to work on.

Pros – Quick response to questions and revisions
– Simple revision requests, ask for a change and it gets done
– Easily see which project is being worked on
– More than 1 design mocked up on some projects, this is great for those times where I have no idea what I was looking for and seeing other options have been a blessing.
– Simple to use UI interface for project creation
– Completed projects tab to see past designs

Cons – Minor website issues that are quickly taken care of when submitting a support ticket.”

Creative Money Works

“We have recently started working with Penji and want to share our experience so that everyone knows what a great service they provide. They are a young, new company and their business model fits our mission, youth empowering youth, to work with them. They have been responsive, creative and very professional. Their designers have great ideas and, important for us, they have taken our direction and integrated what we want into the concepts. We look forward to a long, productive relationship with them.”

Jeffrey Davidson

“Can’t say enough great things about these guys. We’re a publication that constantly need designs, image resizing, touchups, and it’s way too expensive to hire someone internally for that. And we’re always on a short deadline so freelancing didn’t work well for us. Penji was the service we didn’t know we were looking for. They claim 48 hours turnaround time, but it always seems like they deliver quicker than that. Their work isn’t always perfect. There were definitely times that I had to do a bit more explaining than I wanted to in order to get my revisions done, but they’re snappy with communications. And they have a pretty cool online software that makes it ridiculously easy for me to actually keep track of all our design projects. I can only give them 4/5 stars because their software is still new and I found myself reporting more issues and bugs than I should as a customer. Other than that, definitely recommended, once they fix up their software.”

Kate Schumacher

“Penji quickly took my ideas and provided me with fast, beautiful, and impactful designs. I was blown away by the options they presented, the open communication of the team, and the results. I highly recommend Penji to start-ups, entrepreneurs, non-profits, or those in corporate endeavors who need an extra hand in design. Thank you Penji for turning my idea into a beautiful product.”


Alexander Lekacz, Client Specialist at Round Trip

“Penji has made it quick and easy for our team to create a variety of eye-catching marketing materials. Being able to communicate directly with the designer about our needs helps ensure we get the best possible final product, every time”

Mac Frederick, Founder & CEO Momentum Digital

“Jonathan and the Penji team went above and beyond to learn more about me and my business. Momentum Digital has a few various projects that Penji was able to learn about from what we wanted and put that into production, design, and turnaround, all in 24 hours. We are happy to have their support and skillset.”



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