Small Business Perks You Can Offer

by Taylore Bryant, 02/23/18

One of the most frustrating tasks in adulthood is finding a job that suits your aspirations. Today’s economy is forever changing. The number of jobs available to you are decreasing each day. At this point, you might be lured in by the glitz and glamour a large corporation may have to offer. Secure enough, right? You’ll gain points with peers who are familiar with the security that large companies can offer. You may even be pressured into corporate America by your family.  It’s the “safe” option. Seems pretty solid, right? Not necessarily. Not all businesses are the same. So, take into consideration about the little guys! Small business benefits stand out by taking you places beyond what any large corporation can do.


Success is the only option

While working in a corporation, you will be one of many. So, it will be you and 1000+ of your coworkers, doing the same exact job, with the same responsibilities, day in and day out. Even if mediocre work was completed, your employers look at you as just another person in a seat. In any small business, your success and failure is on you. That’s the challenge that comes from a small business. When you’re working in a group of 10 people, mediocrity will be abundantly obvious. Your accomplishments, your drive, your work, will always be brought to the forefront. You are not just one of many. You are a big fish in a small pond.



small business

Large corporations tend to hire employees by the boatload. Overtime, employees are divided up into their respective departments and you typically only see them strictly on a work related setting. In a small business, your coworkers are like your family. Working in close proximity with one another will force you to build that personal relationship. You’ll eventually even develop a sort of “language” with each other over time.


Different Roles for Different Days

You never know what the day brings at a small business. You wear many hats and must be ready for anything that comes your way. There is an opportunity to elevate yourself and learn more as you go along. At any large corporation, you are hired to do one job and one job only. With any position you have at a large company comes many responsibilities. However, the minute you have an issue, you’ll be going through many different departments to get assistance. This process can be painstakingly slow. In a small business, more often than not, you are ALL the departments in one. So, you must be ready at all times for the challenge. You have the added pressure of meeting deadlines and having to rely on yourself for much of the time. Nevertheless, as the old saying goes “Pressure makes diamonds.”


Be Your Own Boss

small business

There will be days in a small business where your manager will be overseeing several projects going on simultaneously. They won’t have time to micromanage every move you make. So, this is where self motivation will be put on the front line. When you wear many hats, you know what needs to be done and you’ll be the person that must take lead on your task at hand. As opposed to the corporate set up, where approval goes through several chains of command.