How Penji Can Improve Your Website Design To Get More Customers

Tina Lombardo By Tina Lombardo, 03/05/18

Website design is much like painting a masterpiece: it all has to go right and look beautiful from top to bottom, in order to be presentable to the public. Here are some unwritten rules that you can follow, so you can design a website that is easy to look at, as well as to natigate.


Use simple, effective design.

The main purpose of a website is to display information for visitors to acknowledge. When you include descriptions, paragraphs, and captions in your website design, use a light background for dark text, and vice versa. This creates a contrast that makes it easy for readers to identify words on the screen.

The user interface, or menu (header), should be easy for visitors to identify and locate on your website. It is important that this interface has a strong contrast with the website’s body section.

When all parts of your website come together, they should create a page that is simple and clean. Be sure to use the same colors for each area of the page to look more cohesive. 


Use a logo and images effectively.

Your logo is a powerful tool. Not only does it give your brand an identity, but it also helps consumers remember you, and will help them tell you apart from competitors.

With this in mind, it is necessary to have your logo displayed prominently on your website. Make it noticeable enough to be legible from far away, and at a sizable distance from other text and copy. One popular place for a logo on a website is right at the top, in the header, so that it is easy for visitors to know what website they are on.

You can use images on your website as well, but you need to make sure the theme of the image matches up with what your website or page is about.


Use infographics.

Not every reader is interested in getting information from walls of text. An infographic is a series of statistics and information that is displayed in an artistic or creative way. Websites commonly use infographics to help readers understand data. Not every company needs to use infographics, but they can be useful to help spread the word. For example, infographics can come in .jpeg form and can be posted on social media sites. You can provide a bunch of information presented in a creative way for your customers and fans.