A whopping 2.14 billion people shop online. Consumer shopping habits have radically transformed since the days of strict in-store shopping. And especially since COVID, options like BOPIS (buy online pick up in store) have seamlessly blended the two. Thus it’s no surprise only shopping apps have been popping up like crazy.

The online shopping experience is dependent on the app’s design itself. The primary goal is to offer online shoppers a seamless and hassle-free experience. It all boils down to a user-friendly interface, compelling visuals, strategic structure, and persuasive copywriting. If you’re looking for inspiration, here are some of the best online shopping apps that are a cut above the rest.

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1. Amazon

Everybody has heard of Amazon. It’s not only the biggest e-commerce platform in the industry, but it’s also one of the most user-friendly channels too. It has everything you need from books, clothes, cosmetic products, appliances, and more from international sellers.

Shoppers love Amazon because it’s very user-oriented. It has excellent customer support, superior refund and return policies, free shipping on certain thresholds, and fast service. Even the arrow on the logo signifies they have everything from A to Z.

Download: Android, iOS

2. eBay

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If you’re a frugal shopper, you might just find a slightly-used signature handbag on eBay. You can customize your shopping experience by choosing a price range that fits your budget. It even allows you to take pictures to search for items and a barcode scanner that lists items too. The UI is very easy to maneuver. That’s why 43 percent of Android app users have this app on their phones and tablets.

Download: Android, iOS

3. Etsy

etsy online shopping app

Etsy is a place for arts and crafts. This is where designers and manufacturers compete with one another through their creative juices. If you’re looking for personalized artistic apparel, gifts, and vintage-inspired items, this is the place to be.

In an industry saturated with online shopping apps, users are perpetually looking for unique items. They turn to Etsy for exclusive handmade and factory-made items.

Download: Android, iOS

4. Snapdeal

snapdeal online shopping app

Deemed as the largest online marketplace in India, Snapdeal offers irresistibly affordable items. From clothing, house appliances to electronics and accessories, you can find the right item from over 800 categories. It’s a one-stop-shop that entices customers through cashback and cheaper deals.

Download: Android, iOS

5. AliExpress

aliexpress online shopping app

AliExpress is a China-based online shopping app that is a subsidiary of the Alibaba Group Holding Limited. It has helped various small businesses in China and other locations sell their products. When it started, it catered to businesses only making it a B2B online shopping portal.

Now, it is a business-to-business, business-to-consumer, and consumer-to-consumer portal and offers cloud computing and payment services as well.

Download: Android, iOS

6. Flipkart

flipkart online shopping app

Flipkart is one of the leading online shopping apps in Bengaluru. It’s neck and neck with its counterparts: Amazon Indian subsidiary and Snapdeal. Flipkart had a major rebrand in 2011. From a vibrant orange logo to a more professional yellow and blue logo, it’s now clear the brand focuses on product quality and speedy delivery.

Download: Android, iOS

7. Zalora

zalora online shopping app

For all your fashion and makeup needs, tap onto the Zalora application. It’s a one-stop online shop with an interface that you can scroll through in a breeze. It also allows for a more personalized shopping through recommendations according to your recent purchases and preferences.

It also has a visual search feature that other online shopping apps don’t have. This system makes it easier to search for an extensive collection of everyday fashion items.

Download: Android, iOS

8. OLX

online shopping app

They say that one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. True enough, this platform is a treasure box of sorts. OLX was founded in 2006 and is headquartered in Amsterdam. You can buy and sell second-hand or new items here. From electronics, apparel, household appliances, cosmetic products, vehicles, or real estate properties, this is a go-to place for anyone looking for the best deals without having to go through agents or retail stores.

Since most people sell used items here, high-quality images are crucial to entice buyers. If you’re marketing some of your e-commerce products here, it’s vital to invest in high-quality graphic design to stick out from the competition.

Download: Android, iOS

9. Koovs

online shopping app

The most recent trends in fashion have never been made so accessible to the masses through Koovs. With an all-inclusive line of men’s and women’s wear, Koovs gives you the best styles from all across the continents. You can shop by style, color, brands, size, price, or occasions via a seamlessly easy checkout process. This app makes online shopping a walk in the park for newbies!

Download: Android, iOS

10. Facebook Marketplace

online shopping app

Of course, we wouldn’t end the list without including the biggest social media giant which is continually innovating including an e-commerce app! This social media juggernaut introduced Facebook Marketplace in October 2016.

Within three years, Facebook Marketplace has been widespread across the United Kingdom, United States, Asia, Australia, New Zealand, Africa, and more. This channel is one of our top picks for the best online shopping apps due to its all-encompassing services and features.

Download: Android, iOS

11. Rakuten

online shopping app

What if I told you shopping more can also earn you more cash back rewards? Let me introduce Rakuten, an online shopping app that rewards you with a cash back through checks or PayPal deposits. 

All you have to do is log into the Rakuten app or site, either on your mobile phone or computer. Then find your favorite stores. Next is to make sure you click on the referral link from Rakuten and shop through that link. In turn, Rakuten accumulates your cashback, which will be added to your account and sent to you quarterly. 

Download: Android, iOS

Custom App Design Examples

Apps are not one size fits all. And because of this, getting a custom-designed app is important for sales. There are different options when it comes to app design: hiring an agency, working with an in-house designer, or signing up for a monthly graphic design membership like Penji. To give you an idea of what custom app design from Penji looks like, here are some examples:

App Design #1

penji portfolio

App Design #2

penji portfolio

App Design #3

penji portfolio

App Design #4

penji portfolio

App Design #5

penji portfolio

App Design #6

penji portfolio

If you notice, all these mobile app designs have one thing in common and that is good design. No matter how enticing your offers are, if your app design isn’t navigable, user-friendly, and visually appealing, users could abandon it in a snap of a finger. So why bother creating an app if it can’t even increase your conversions?

Your app design should be created with the user in mind. And professional app designers from Penji know the ins and outs of high-converting app designs. Moreover, working with Penji is also smooth sailing. Our user-friendly design platform makes requesting app designs a breeze.

How to Request App Designs from Penji

Don’t have the time to hire a freelancer or use a DIY graphic design service? Let Penji work on the app design that won’t have users complaining. We only design the project, but we can refer you to our partners who can develop the app.

1: Create

penji platform

Once you’ve subscribed to either the Team or Agency plans, you can log in to the Penji dashboard. This way, you can finally Create a New Project.

After this, scroll down to the UX/UI category and click App Design. Get a preview of how your app designs would look like.

Once you’ve clicked on App Design, provide your design brief. Please make sure to be specific in the app design. This allows the designer how to produce a design in half the time. You can also request for wireframes when you need it.

2: Connect

By using Penji, we guarantee that you’re paired up with the best designers in the industry.

Once you submit your project, we assign the most suitable designer to create your app design. This way, you receive a design your users will love.

3: Review

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Once the designer submits the first draft of your app design, you can finally review it. If you want to receive the revisions within 24 hours, use the point-and-click feature. This way, your designer will know what to work on, reducing miscommunication too.

Plus, on any Penji plan, you have unlimited revisions. So, in any case, the designs need more work, revise it until you’re satisfied.

4: Download

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Love the overall design? Go ahead and download it. This way, you can have it developed at once.

Don’t just request an app design. Promote your shopping app by creating an ad design, social media graphic, and much more! Repeat the process and maximize your Penji plan.

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