How To Use Merch Tools To Design Amazon Merch T-shirts

by Taylore Bryant, 06/04/18

The simplicity of merch tools for Amazon can take your business to an entirely different level. Merch by Amazon creates a product page on and when customers buy your product, they handle production, shipping, and customer service. The greatest attribute about it all is that Amazon Merch comes with no upfront costs to you. The most difficult part for some can be finding a way to produce designs for your t-shirts while simultaneously keeping cost low and profits high.

Of course the cheapest way would be creating a design yourself, however, you may run into several difficulties due to Amazons strict guidelines. Some of these guidelines include your design sizing and placement on the t-shirts you wish to sell. Unless you are a graphic designer yourself, more often than not, you will miss the mark. Saving money and keeping costs low by utilizing a graphic design company is one of the best merch tools to create your designs. It is the most efficient way to save time and money. Now that you know where to start, the real question is who to start with. There are many merch tool sites that you will find but only a select few will benefit your business both creatively and financially. Here is a few options that may be helpful when choosing the right merch tool for you and your t-shirts on Amazon.

Choosing your Merch Tool


Merch by Amazon ships each order for you. As they sell, orders are routed to Amazon who prints and ships tees to your customers, at no charge to you! Amazon has revolutionized modern day business online. It has made it possible for small businesses to compete with large ventures on a fairground. It really depends on what merch tool for Amazon you want to utilize. If you have a very strong idea of what you want already and just need someone to implement that idea, then you can search for someone who has the right style, aesthetic and experience to do the job well.

Appeal to the visual interest that your clients have by adding electrifying graphics to your t-shirts with Amazon. Create t-shirt designs that separates you from your competition. Create something that is going to grab attention. Your t-shirts on Amazon will gain recognition with well designed graphics created with the right merch tools. When a potential customer remembers your shirts, they are more inclined to become a permanent customer. But there is still some risk in that. It’s best to start with a small project as a test first. Ultimately it comes down to a freelance site with graphic designers, Fiverr, and the unlimited graphic design service that’s breaking down barriers, Penji.

What Penji can do for you


Penji is one of the biggest merch tools for Amazon Merch that assist with designing tees that you market and sell through your online store. For one flat rate of $349 a month, you have unlimited access to a team of graphic designers day and night. You are open for unlimited revisions and unlimited designs as well with Penji in your corner. If you’re testing out brand concepts or different tee designs, Penji supplies you with that option! The graphic designers at Penji specialize in finding an angle that nobody has taken before. They develop an image and tone that are true to your vision. You will have the designer who has the right style, aesthetic and experience to do the job well. Often, ideas could naturally collide but this should not reflect what the designer can do. It’s best to start with a small project as a test first. Unlike the freelance service, Fiverr, Penji has a 14-day completely free trial for first time clients for a test drive.

All eyes on you with Penji


Penji gives Amazon users an ideal way to sell collections of fashion, fun, or fandom tee shirts, along with other print on demand items like mugs and pillows, with no fear of hidden charges. Attention is exceedingly valuable. Make sure you tap into your potential for grabbing attention and hold on tight. Your business goal should be to make graphic designs on t-shirts that are memorable and unique, while at the same time engaging potential customers. Appeal to the visual interest that your clients have by adding thrilling graphics to your t-shirts. Your business will gain recognition with well designed t-shirts made by the talented team at Penji. In addition, you can request to design a series of t-shirts that’s not only cost effective, but also produces results for your business.

Boosting your SEO with Penji


Not only does Penji create elaborate designs but they provide awesome content that can qualify your business for search engine optimization. High quality content can drive traffic to your t-shirts and other merch sold on amazon. There’s options to write about things you believe your target audience will find useful or entertaining. Great content can also promote your brand identity and give you a sense of legitimacy. Take time to research keywords and intertwine them into pages related to your business. In addition to your Merch by Amazon promotion, you will also give your search engine optimization a boost, all from using Penji as your merch tool for Amazon. The unlimited graphic design team will cater to your needs on one flat rate, saving you money for the long haul. When adding something visual will help draw more attention and interest to your t-shirts.

What Fiverr can do for you


Fiverr is another merch tool for amazon that people are typically more familiar with. Part of their popularity is thanks to the enticing offer of $5 for graphic designs with the average spend on this platform ranging from $25-$30 on average. Other online merch tools may take advantage of the people they represent and seem very anonymous, you should proceed with caution with those types. There are other social platforms similar to Fiverr which offer a place for graphic designers and illustrators to show their work without the whole business angle to it. Most prefer this because they want to have a more personal relationship with the people they working with. This is the cheapest option and there is no doubt that you’ll save the most money with this option but all that glitter isn’t gold.

Hit or miss


Your t-shirt designs should be the same across every channel so customers can find you. This will not only ensure an increase in your online presence, but a boost in your t-shirts recognition as well. Unlike with Penji, your business won’t have access to unlimited revisions and unlimited designs with Fiverr as your primary merch tool. Fiverr has a reputation of not being so consistent with users. It’s hit or miss approach is not something a business owner should look into when accessing the risk with any.

Limited options


Consistency is a good way to show just how dedicated and motivated your brand is to interact with its consumer base. Effective graphic designs for your Amazon t-shirts will require a significant investment of time and money out of your business. In addition to pricing, Fiverr does not offer the option of unlimited . You’ll be paying for their mistakes and their different ideas of the vision you have in your head for your designs. You are ultimately getting what you pay for with Fiverr and other merch tools like it.

The road less traveled


Several large t-shirt printing companies similar to Amazon have websites where you can create an account, add your tee designs, then they take it from there. When your tee is ordered on their site, they print it and ship it straight to the buyer. You’re paid a cut of the profit, which you set when you create your tee. With this option, you don’t even need your own website to sell t-shirts online. But you will need a way to market your tees, and most sellers turn social media for this. It costs you nothing to sign up for an account, upload or create t-shirt designs, and sell your tees. In fact, t-shirt marketplace sites don’t bill you at all. Instead, they pay you for every tee shirt that you sell.

Less is more

If you have more of a need of for strategic consulting, in other words you are not really sure what you want, then your best option would be to try to find a team of people who have experience in the strategic design and  communication process. In this case you need to work closely with these people and it is essential to find a good fit. Other graphic design services even let you set your own profit margin. Essentially, you just need to launch a simple ecommerce store so you can sell t-shirts online that you print and ship yourself. You can also grow a custom order business by letting customers design their own tees right on your website.

There will still be a place for physical flyers, promo copies of physical records, and other printing options, digital promotion tools should be highly considered for saving more money. Among the merch tools available are online promotion of releases through social media. Your social media engagement is usually the first impression your business will make with potential clients. The most vital attribute you could provide to your business is your openness. What you decide to make public for your business is beneficial. Risk almost always leads to reward in marketing on social media. This must always be in the forefront when assessing risk in terms of your Amazon Merch and merch tools.

Find the right fit


The boldest business owners aren’t afraid to experiment with new techniques. Offer promotional ads with content and information that can’t be found anywhere else. Unique points of view and opinions on important subjects with lots of supporting information tend to have higher viewership rates. Online post should include a good description, keywords, and a link to your website. Valuable information shared with your social media fans regarding your t-shirts and followers makes your company a trusted expert in your industry. Even for bands sticking with traditional means of promotion, adding a digital element can double or triple productivity without investing too many extra hours. The only cost you might incur is advertising. Use Facebook ads or promoted Facebook posts to market your t-shirts.

Your t-shirt designs should be the same across every channel so customers can find you. This will not only ensure an increase in Amazon Merch presence, but a boost in your brand’s recognition as well. Consistency is a good way to show just how dedicated and motivated your design is to interact with its consumer base. Visions of what you want your t-shirt design to portray is one thing, but having it translated sales is a whole other story. Find the right merch tool to maximize your brands platform on Amazon to build real relationships with customers, new and current. Do the research, find out what other businesses are doing with their designs and do what is best for your company. You can request to design a series of ads that’s cost effective and produces results for your business.

The bottom line

Design isn’t just about making t-shirts on Amazon look good. It’s about responding to specific needs and helping solve specific issues. Graphic design help promote your business and doesn’t have to be expensive. Merch tools for Amazon need to be strategized wisely to provide big payouts. You can cut costs, spend less and ultimately add to your bottom line without cutting down on the customer’s experience.