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The Affordable Solution to Your Marketing Needs: These 25 Orlando Marketing Agencies

May 20, 2020, by

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Orlando is the home to many theme parks like Walt Disney World and Universal Studios. Tourists and locals can also enjoy shopping, outdoor activities, and eating at popular and high-end restaurants. According to the Orlando Economic Partnership, leisure and hospitality comprise 20.4% of the overall businesses in the city.

While these businesses thrive, other industries also play a massive role in the growth of the city’s economy. For them to stand out, they need the help of a marketing agency Orlando businesses tapped for their business needs. So, in this article, I enumerate the top 25 marketing agencies in Orlando that produce measurable results and impact for their clients.

1. Chatter Buzz Media

Ad agency in orlando

Chatter Buzz Media is a global award-winning agency hailing from Orlando, Florida. They’ve gotten awards from The Webby Awards, Clutch, and the annual Don Quijote Awards. So far, this marketing agency Orlando businesses can go to for their marketing needs, have served over 300 clients, employed more than 30 team members, and drank over 1200 coffee cups. 

Aside from the impact they’ve delivered for their clients, they also give back to their community. They’ve collaborated with nonprofits like Ronald Mcdonald Charity Houses and Habitat for Humanity.

Mission: to help businesses and brands grow by providing innovative and efficient integrated brand marketing through insights, ideas, and technologies

Clients: Bed Bath and Beyond, Dunkin’, NRAA

Highlighted Services: 

  • SEO
  • Graphic Visual and Design
  • Social Media Advertising
Ad agency in orlando
Chatter Buzz Media’s Work for NRAA

2. 321 The Agency

Ad agency in orlando

Three, two, one, blastoff! 321 The Agency launches its clients to greatness. The agency founder, Joe Boutin, was inspired by a shuttle launch, and that’s where the agency gets its name. According to the disruptive and digital team, they emphasize that once a client taps them for their challenges, they’re partners already. They all use a mix of creativity, data, and technology to get the exceptional results they achieve for every client.

Mission: to provide results-driven marketing solutions that help brands break through the clutter to create meaningful connections

Clients: Space Coast Launches, Superbia Coffee, Cafe Hollywood

Highlighted Services: 

  • Branding Collateral
  • Market Research
  • Web Development
Ad agency in orlando
321 The Agency’s Work for Cafe Hollywood


Marketing agency in orlando

For Remixed, they likened their ten-point process as a vinyl record player. They always put the pin on listening. From there, they develop, adopt, design, remix, and reveal. The strategy and design process do take a while so their clients can give their love. If there’s a need to redo the work, they re-remix, present the final deliverables, and exhibit their work. 

Thanks to that thorough process and delivered results, they’ve gotten recognition from award-giving bodies like the Telly Awards and American Graphic Design Awards. Plus, the media loves them too and were featured on NBC, ABC, and CBS.

Clients: Disney, Wells Fargo, Vela

Highlighted Services: 

  • Naming
  • Direct Marketing Campaigns
  • Advertising & Marketing
Marketing agency in orlando
REMIXED’s Work for Vela

4. Prismatic

Marketing agency in orlando

Prismatic lets all their work speak for themselves. Based on their portfolio, they’ve handled companies from the sports, real estate, nonprofit, government, and education sectors. A common theme in their work is branding, and they excel at it by providing high-quality designs. They’ve become a premier branding agency in Orlando because of the results they provide clients as well. For example, in one case, they provided branding and campaigns for a client. As a result, the client got a 100% success rate, thanks to the social media campaigns the agency produced.

Clients: R+R = Now, Broadstone Winter Pack, Amazon

Highlighted Services: 

  • Branding
  • Print
  • Packaging
Marketing agency in orlando
Prismatic’s Work for Amazon

5. Bigeye

Ad agency in orlando

In 2002, Bigeye opened its eyes to the world. The agency made its debut because some advertising agencies were lacking audience insights as part of their strategies and results. Since its reason for being is audience insights, the agency starts using that to build a strategy and creative to produce optimal results. After this, the creatives work on the idea and execute it. Once this part is done, they run strategy, and Bigeye optimizes and places the media and improves it as it happens.

Clients: The Ritz-Carlton Residences, ESPN, Jungle Island

Highlighted Services: 

  • Consumer Insights
  • Campaign Creation & Development
  • Media Planning & Buying
Ad agency in orlando
Bigeye’s Work for Jungle Island

6. Xcellimark

Marketing agency in orlando

Xcellimark leaves its mark on clients and individuals for its expertise and skills. They’re a marketing agency Orlando businesses go to for growth opportunities and lead acquisition. They’ve gotten rave reviews from clients for their work on design, marketing, eCommerce, and so much more. 

Since then, they’ve received 17 awards and have the honor to call themselves a Hubspot Platinum Agency Partner. With that recognition, they also offer digital marketing training for anyone wanting to enhance their knowledge on the subject.

Clients: AK Canada, Grand Baymen, Gran Pacifica Beach and Golf Resort

Highlighted Services: 

  • Competitive Analysis
  • Content Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
Marketing agency in orlando
Xcellimark’s Work for Gran Pacific Beach and Golf Resort

7. X3 Digital

Marketing agency in orlando

Alex Jasin founded X3 Digital that will enable accountability and transparency to thrive. He’s a recognized thought leader, entrepreneur, and influencer, giving the agency an edge in experience and competency. Meanwhile, the X3 in their name means under-promising and over-delivering but producing measurable results and ROI. 

Aside from this, this marketing agency Orlando businesses trust is a Google Certified agency. This means they’re knowledgeable over the latest marketing trends. Thus, they can provide up-to-date strategies to help clients reach the top.

Mission: to create memorable designs then use powerful search tactics to drive traffic, leads, and sales

Clients: Limbitless Solutions, HealthBytes, Sonshine Tours

Highlighted Services: 

  • Rebranding
  • Multi-Channel Marketing
  • Interface Design
Marketing agency in orlando
X3 Digital’s Work for Sonshine Tours

8. High Forge

Ad agency in orlando

Since 2001, High Forge has become one of the leading marketing agencies in Florida. As for their unique name, they couldn’t precisely pinpoint its origin. It’s argued that the founder’s ancestry could hold weight in it, while some might say that it’s just a quirky name. 

As an agency, they don’t just partner with their clients, but they build a long-term relationship with them. That remains true because some of their first clients have stayed with the agency.

Clients: Dynafire, Brad Feld, Euroasia Products

Highlighted Services: 

  • Branding & Logo Design
  • Website Maintenance
  • Inbound & Content Marketing
Ad agency in orlando
High Forge’s Work for Euroasia Products

9. Excelerate Digital

Ad agency in orlando

Excellence is at the core of Excelerate Digital. For them to get the results they want to achieve, they follow a five-step process. It begins with discovery, as with any other agency. They want to learn more about the company, its competitors, the local market, and so forth. After that, they define goals and craft a solid plan so they can accelerate business growth. 

Then, the work gets passed to their creatives so they can design the concepts and deploy those. It doesn’t end there since they measure everything from the beginning of the deployment.

Mission: to craft digital marketing campaigns that take your business to the next level

Clients: Newman University, Harley-Davidson Dealerships, Escapology

Highlighted Services: 

  • Display & Retargeting Ads
  • Paid Search
  • Programmatic Display
Ad agency in orlando
Excelerate Digital’s Work for Escapology

10. Appleton Creative

Ad agency in orlando

Appleton Creative is an ad agency Orlando businesses can trust for their campaigns. They cater to industries like business, real estate, consumer, healthcare, and travel. Thus, they can enhance these industries’ influence and widen their reach through advertising campaigns. This allows them to specialize in those industries and put them at the top of their game. Well, they follow core values, which are community, opportunity, responsibility, and equality.

Clients: Hilton Grand Vacations, TBS, Orlando International Airport

Highlighted Services: 

  • Brand Launch Strategy
  • Print Advertising
  • Responsive Websites
Ad agency in orlando
Appleton Creative’s Work for Orlando International Airport

11. Reality Marketing Group

Marketing agency in orlando

In 2007, Reality Marketing Group started its operations to the public. The agency shares that its name comes from its goal of making their clients’ dreams and expectations a reality. As a marketing agency Orlando businesses can go-to for their marketing challenges, they can expect a lot from the agency. Since Reality Marketing Group doesn’t focus on just marketing or advertising alone, clients can get the full treatment so they can get more leads and customers. This way, it enables them to work longer with Reality Marketing Group and get measurable results.

Clients: Cure Bowl, City of Orlando, McDonald’s

Highlighted Services: 

  • Graphic Design
  • Video & Photo
  • Marketing & Strategy

Reality Marketing Group’s Work for McDonald’s

12. Designzillas

Ad agency in orlando

Designzillas are unlike any other zillas we’ve seen on TV or in movies. However, they have the ferocity and drive to provide a high ROI for their clients. On their introductory reel, it’s not all work for the dino team at the agency. They also enjoy their time at their cozy and bright office by playing games. Balancing work and play works for them since they’ve also swept some awards from the Addys and Orlando Business Journal.

Clients: Piper, Lockbusters, Buca di Beppo

Highlighted Services: 

  • Web Design
  • Inbound Marketing
  • UI/UX Design
Ad agency in orlando
Designzillas’ Work for Buca di Beppo

13. Marketing for Change

Ad agency in orlando

Founder Peter Mitchell established the agency in 2005 when he left an international nonprofit. Behavior change is what differentiates Marketing for Change from other agencies on this list. They partner with organizations that produce a positive impact on the community. Plus, they don’t just want to partner with local or national organizations. They hope to make an impact internationally as well.

Clients: Help the Horizon Foundation, Oral Health America, Florida Department of Health

Highlighted Services: 

  • Behavior Change/Social Marketing
  • Public Relations
  • Research
Ad agency in orlando
Marketing for Change’s Work for the Florida Department of Health

14. Red Rocket Studios

Marketing agency in orlando

Since 1997, Red Rocket Studios has become one of the premier advertising and marketing agencies in Florida. Through their efforts and hard work in delivering exceptional results, they’ve won awards for those. Plus, they’ve also partnered with big brands to help them achieve their goals. Based on their work, they perfectly grasped the concepts and branding of the companies they worked with. Anyone impressed with their portfolio can launch a campaign with them through the full range of services they offer.

Clients: Siemens, Nautique Boots, Twistee Treat

Highlighted Services: 

  • Pay-Per-Click Advertising
  • Brand Development
  • eCommerce Development
Marketing agency in orlando
Red Rocket Studios’ Work for Twistee Treat

15. Alchemy Marketing

Ad agency in orlando

Justin Collier is the head of Alchemy Marketing. To him, what matters most is transparency. It’s how he communicates with his clients, and it’s a good practice to follow. Justin and his team have gotten praise from clients about communication, SEO expertise, and recommendations for better strategies. It helps that they’ve gained recognition as a Google Partner and Facebook Blueprint Certified Associate. Plus, they’ve received awards for being one of the best digital marketing agencies.

Clients: Primera Eye Care, Fresh-Pro Inc, Eternelle

Highlighted Services: 

  • Reputation Management
  • Website Design
  • Call Tracking Services
Ad agency in orlando
Alchemy Marketing’s Work for Eternelle

16. South Street & Co

Marketing agency in orlando

In 2014, owner Kaitlyn Study founded South Street & Co with the vision of helping small businesses reach their marketing goals. She wanted to provide these businesses with better marketing strategies after having some issues from past agencies. She and her team hope that small businesses can count on them for their work. 

Plus, companies can also avail of their e-learning courses and free resources. Part of the services they offer is design and content marketing and social media-related campaigns. According to their stats, they’ve written 572 blog posts and published more than 21,000 social media posts.

Mission: to strive to bring the best to our clients & have fun doing it

Clients: Next Level Roofers, Avennture, MammoAid

Highlighted Services: 

  • Social Media
  • Print Design
  • Product Photography
Marketing agency in orlando
South Street & Co’s Print Design Work

17. M5 Design Studio

Ad agency in orlando

The M5 Design Studio focuses on web design and digital creativity. However, it seems they’re not only dedicated to designing a website. They also incorporate marketing and sales strategies so they can deliver more than what was asked from them. Plus, they also have well-designed marketing collaterals like business cards or packaging. Based on the reviews they received from loyal customers, they go above and beyond, even after the website was launched. It’s how they form a long-term relationship with their clients.

Mission: to provide you with clean, professional, beautiful, and affordable websites and graphic design

Clients: Lake Technical College, Precise Pro, Wheat Berry

Highlighted Services: 

  • WordPress Websites
  • Business Branding & Identity
  • Internet Marketing
Ad agency in orlando
M5 Design Studio’s Work for Wheat Berry

18. Brand Coders

Ad agency in orlando

To produce successful campaigns, Brand Coders takes a boutique agency-approach by using their core competencies. They’ve become one of the leading marketing agencies because of their team of marketing wizards and experts that will make clients competitive in their industry. They want to ensure they create websites or campaigns that will increase leads and sales. 

They do that by working tirelessly with their clients and focusing on them as they grow. As such, they follow the tagline, “think beyond the ordinary,” so they can deliver exceptional results.

Clients: Mears Transportation, Crooked Can Brewery, Avenue Event Group

Highlighted Services: 

  • Custom High-End Website Development
  • SEM
  • Social Media Marketing
Ad agency in orlando
Brand Coders’ Work for Avenue Event Group

19. Create180 Design

Ad agency in orlando

As a website design agency, Create180 Design knows how to integrate brand positioning through a client’s website and social media profiles. For them to position their client’s brand, they need their unique selling proposition, target audience, messaging, and differentiator. Their small team can handle big challenges and demands. They’re not sloppy with their work and pour all their effort into creating a design that perfectly captures their client’s branding. 

This digital marketing agency Orlando businesses trust for their website serves small to medium businesses, personal ones, and nonprofits too.

Clients: Ohana Outdoor Living, Harding Bell International, Software Resources

Highlighted Services: 

  • Logo Design
  • Content Marketing
  • Advertising
Ad agency in orlando
Create 180 Design’s Work for Software Resources

20. Reason Agency

Marketing agency in orlando

The Reason Agency isn’t fond of introductions because they go straight to providing help for their clients. The agency follows a five-step process that starts with defining the differentiating factor of the client. Then they create a scalable system to help their client grow and implement it afterward. By then, they refine their strategy through monitoring and scale it further. That’s why they’re an ad agency Orlando businesses go to for their campaigns.

Clients: Eagle Wetsuits, Sled Legs, Masterline USA

Highlighted Services: 

  • Motion Graphic Video
  • Packaging Design
  • Lead Generation
Marketing agency in orlando
Reason Agency’s Work for Masterline USA

21. Bastion Rare

Ad agency in orlando

Headquartered in Newport Beach, California, Bastion Rare has offices in Florida, Washington, Arizona, Oregon, Colorado, and Texas. This enables them to cater to clients from different states and utilize their set of services. They’ve been the agency game since the ‘90s and have grown as one of the go-to marketing agencies. From their experience, they’re aware that there’s no one cookie-cutter solution since brands have different needs. Through that, they’re able to forge long-term partnerships and deliver exceptional results.

Clients: K1 Speed, Q-See, Total Warehouse

Highlighted Services: 

  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Retargeting
  • Social Advertising
Ad agency in orlando
Bastion Rare’s Work for Total Warehouse

22. ProtoFuse

Marketing agency in orlando

In 2001, Founder Eric Sharp started ProtoFuse as a freelance set-up. He continues to lead the agency with his experience in UX, allowing them to acquire clients in the B2B tech sector. However, based on their stats, they speak 0 jargon, so that they can communicate easily with their clients. They also observe “SEETAP,” their six core values, which stands for specialization, education, energy, transparency, accountability, and process. 

Through that, they’ve become a digital marketing agency Orlando tech businesses can tap to increase sales and enhance growth.

Mission: to not only build and market high-quality for our clients, but to service them extremely well 

Clients: Cactus Technologies, DTx, Stanford University

Highlighted Services: 

  • Web Design
  • Inbound Marketing
  • Digital Marketing
Marketing agency in orlando
ProtoFuse’s Work for Stanford University

23. SunDance

Marketing agency in orlando

SunDance (no, not the film festival) is unlike any other agency in this list. Technically, they’re a printing company, but they also provide design and marketing services for clients. Since 2007, they’ve served Fortune 500 companies and small businesses that require their full menu of services. 

Some examples of their work are packaging, website design, and marketing collaterals. It’s great that they’re also a printing company so their clients could save costs as well.

Mission: to provided superior quality print products to clients, secure place of employment, and be most respected, innovative, and sought-after graphics partner in Central Florida

Clients: Signature Flight Support, Hard Rock AdventHealth C-Suite Summit

Highlighted Services: 

  • Marketing
  • Design
  • Promotional Products
Marketing agency in orlando
SunDance’s Work for AdventHealth C-Suite Summit

24. MyCity Social

Ad agency in orlando

MyCity Social is one of the well-known marketing agencies because they have different locations in the state. It’s all because of their franchising approach to their agency. That helps them widen their reach in the state. CEO Andrew Christo founded the agency and has cemented his position as a marketing leader in the industry. Before the agency was known for its digital marketing service, it was a local directory called MyCity Networks. Since then, they’ve become a leading marketing agency Orlando businesses can approach to achieve their goals.

Mission: to help businesses excel through the use of innovative digital marketing services at competitive prices

Clients: Abaco Skiff Co, ReinventMe, Arsenault Dermatology

Highlighted Services: 

  • SEO
  • Email Marketing
  • Mobile Text Marketing
Ad agency in orlando
MyCity Social’s Work for Arsenault Dermatology

25. Web Daytona LLC

Marketing agency in orlando

Back in 2009, Gary Vela started Web Daytona because he had expertise in driving ROI through marketing. They’ve become one of the top marketing agencies in Florida because of the work they produce and the impact they leave for each client. For those interested in Web Daytona’s services, they can check out their package list and get an idea of its inclusions and duration. 

It seems based on testimonials, their clients get their money’s worth because they carefully attend to them and help solve their challenges.

Clients: IKEA, Paypal, Ward T. Berg

Highlighted Services: 

  • Facebook Marketing
  • Consulting & Training
  • Google Adwords
Marketing agency in orlando
Web Daytona LLC’s Work for Ward T. Berg

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