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The Ultimate Graphics Resource for Websites

July 27, 2020, by

The Ultimate Graphics Resource for Websites

If brands aren’t investing in website graphics, they’re not maximizing their website’s full potential. But do brands know what graphics for website design are? In this article, we’ll tell you what website graphics are, why they matter, and where to get unlimited web graphics.

First, let’s define what website graphics are. Anything that points to your website’s visuals, those are web graphics. It can be photographs, stock images, illustrations, icons on your menu, patterns, shapes, backgrounds, charts, maps, or typography. Simply put, website graphics are the creative advantage on your company’s site. It is considered an advantage because web graphics persuade, educate, and entertain your audience. These graphics also generate conversions because they strengthen your branding, clarify and promote offers, and provide seamless user interfaces. 

Some businesses don’t see graphics for website design as a worthy investment. However, website visuals are your brand’s asset. Although some stock images are free for commercial use, having customized website graphics will appeal to audiences. And when it comes to affordable and quality web graphics, Penji’s vetted designers are the experts you can trust. Read on to know more about how easy requesting web graphics from Penji is. 

Why Graphics for Website Design Matter

Neil Patel claims that visually appealing sites have the potential to increase sales to 16.5 percent on average. The experts from Marketing Sherpa also say videos attract 300 percent more traffic on websites. These figures go to show that any eye-candy lures website visitors in, simply because humans are visual creatures. Our brains process visuals around 60,000 times faster than text! 

So if you’re still in a pickle about whether or not to invest in graphics for your website, here are three reasons we think you should:

1. Communicate more than texts and photos

The primary reason why brands hire web or graphic designers is because of the power of visuals. Graphic design can communicate a brand’s offer and message in a way texts and photos couldn’t.

However, not everyone knows what goes into website graphic design. You have to have a creative eye to put together a cohesive design that screams your brand identity. The concept of web graphic design is built on marketing psychology, concepts, trends, and overall creative flair. 

For instance, displaying photos of people on your homepage might not incite the same emotions as showcasing bold and colorful illustrations. Your text-based menu options don’t offer seamless user navigability as compared to menu options with icons.

Overall, your website’s customized graphic designs can speak to your audience better than stock images and photographs.

2. Break up sections on your website

Your business website contains all the information your users need to know more about your products or services. Sometimes it can be tempting to dwell on written content to explain your offers. However, users quickly get distracted when your website appeal is not visually oriented.

That being said, using graphics for website design is vital to break up sections on your website. You can balance your texts and visuals to provide users with an enjoyable browsing experience. Graphics are excellent ways to give your users’ eyes a breather when consuming too much information. And the bonus is that if you ace your graphics, you’ll even lead them down the sales funnel. 

That’s why entrusting your web graphics to experts only will make or break your site’s success. Penji’s designers are in the top two percent of the industry, ensuring clients get only the best high-quality graphic designs. Check out Penji’s portfolio here

3. Prevents bounce rates

SEO is extremely crucial for your brand’s success nowadays. Since every marketer is moving their strategies online, it’s high time you amp up your tactic. You need to captivate users through compelling graphics, and when you do, they stay on your site longer.

In turn, this can decrease your bounce rates. A bounce rate is a metric that pertains to how long users stay on a website, and this is an essential gauge in SEO to weigh if your business is relevant to your audience. 

The higher the bounce rates, the lower your relevance and authority are. As a result, your website will lower page rankings as well. And to boost online presence, every brand must aim to appear on search engines’ first pages. This is the only way you can thrive in a fierce competition. If you can entertain your audience with your web graphics, expect them to linger on your site longer. 

Types of Website Graphics

When working with graphic designers, marketers mostly provide the design brief. And this is imperative to have a positive and professional outcome — one that is fit for your branding. That being said, you must know what type of graphics you want for your site. And here are the common graphics used for web design:


Your logo is the best representation of your brand. And this is where you can instill brand recognition when your audience sees your website. In web design, branding consistency is essential. That way, they remember your brand when exposed to several marketing campaigns. You can integrate logos on your homepage, landing pages, or even your blog content.


You can go for the realistic imagery on your web design. However, to stand out in a tough industry, never go for stock or cliche photos. For one, other businesses that skimp on website graphics are also using it. This doesn’t make you, in any way, shape, or form, unique. So if you’re banking on photography, make sure that your hire professionals for these. 

The type of graphic format suited for photographs is JPG. JPG files are suited for smaller images. On the other hand, PNG files are mostly used for larger graphics in website design. 


Another graphic type that is highly trending these days is illustrations. The upper hand of using illustrations is that you have all the creative freedom to make them look unique and communicative. Illustrations are bold, fun, and quirky. Moreover, illustrations are also highly versatile, and you can use them on landing pages, blog articles, infographics, or marketing materials. 

Illustrations come in two forms: Raster and vector illustrations. Raster images contain pixels or dots and aren’t very scalable. The quality gets compromised when you size up raster images, not allowing for versatility of use. When it comes to loading time, raster illustrations load quicker because they are smaller in size. 

On the other hand, vector illustrations are created using mathematical equations. These are typically bigger in formats and can be sized up without compromising quality, making vector illustrations excellent for marketing materials. 


Mascots are also another symbolic representation of a brand. It’s an effective way of interacting with new and old customers because they offer personalized communication.


Animations are manipulated figures, so they appear as moving images. Plus, animations are fun and lively and offer interactivity, making your website modern and competitive. These are typically in GIF formats. 

Requesting Website Graphics on Penji

Penji is an on-demand graphic design service with affordable monthly rates for startups, small businesses, agencies, or huge companies. If you’re looking for the ultimate resource for your website graphics, turn to Penji. 

The professional web and graphic designers from Penji know web design elements from years of experience and training in the industry. That’s why you’ll only get the most high-quality graphics for website design. 

For instance, this web design example from Penji for California Recovery Center has their brand color on every page:

penji portfolio

Another web design element is flowing lines and shapes. These components lead users’ eyes from one section of the website to another. Here’s what they did for RaphaTea: 

penji portfolio

Last but least, here’s Penji’s illustration for Roo’s landing page. The illustration is bold and conveys the offer precisely:

penji sample

These are just some of Penji’s web design work samples that imply a lot goes into creating web graphics. Moreover, companies with a limited budget will never worry about paying exorbitant fees for every graphic design request. Penji’s business model offers unlimited graphic designs at a fixed monthly rate. Here are Penji’s plans at a glance: 

package penji

Requesting web graphics from Penji is also fast, easy, and affordable. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to:

1. Create a new project

penji platform form

Once you subscribe to Penji’s plan, log into your dashboard, and click on “Create new project.” Then choose from the design categories. For web design, you can choose “website design.”

Fill in the form with all the details to make the design brief clear. Provide a brief description of your business, products or services, demographics, and brand identity elements (colors, font, icons).

2. Write feedback

penji platform

Penji’s turnaround is faster than other graphic design services. The first drafts are delivered within 24 hours. For more complex designs, it may take up to 48 hours. 

If you’re not satisfied with the design, view the design, and write your feedback on the design itself. Specify the exact revisions you want so everything is clear. 

3. Download

penji platform

Once you get the revised design, download it straight from the platform. Click on the “Download” button, and it will automatically save on your computer. 

With Penji, you don’t have to worry about copyright issues as you’ll have all licenses for all graphics created.

Wrap Up

Graphics for website design can cost time, money, and effort — if you don’t select the right resource. Now that you know Penji offers you quality, efficiency, and affordability, you can try their services for 15 days. Submit your first web graphic request, and you’d be amazed how flawlessly effortless it is on your part. Make your website nurture more leads and generate sales through compelling web graphic designs. Sign up now

About the author

Karen is a Content Writer and successful Entrepreneur. She has helped various startups increase their search engine rankings through valuable content. Her ultimate passion in life is surfing, and she gets her writing inspiration from the ocean.

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