Graphic Design For Mobile Optimization

Tina Lombardo By Tina Lombardo, 02/19/18

One of the hallmarks of modern society is the speed with which technology is progressing. Our devices are getting smaller, faster, and more capable with each passing year, and it can sometimes be hard to believe how quickly these changes are taking place. It was just over a decade ago that the first smartphone existed, and before that, the idea of computing on a mobile device was practically impossible. These days, though, mobile computing is outpacing traditional methods at a record pace. In fact, the future could be free of desktops and laptops altogether as people choose smaller, more portable devices instead. Mobile optimization is important now more than ever. If you haven’t updated your online presence to reflect these trends, you are paying for it dearly.

So is your business keeping up?

Online transactions have become another side effect of new technology. As more people buying and shopping for everything over the internet instead of visiting retailers in person. This means that all companies have to accommodate the needs of users to ensure that they can stay competitive. 


What is Mobile Optimization?

mobile optimization

Simply put, this is designing a website or landing page to conform to the smaller screens of smartphones and tablets. Screen real estate has always been in short supply, but now every pixel counts.

There are any benefits to optimizing your site for mobile means. You remove a lot of the clutter and focus your attention on what matters. Whether this is providing critical information to the consumer (i.e., prices, location, or menu options), or presenting content, mobile optimization is crucial to your bottom line.


Benefits of Mobile Optimization

So what can you expect when you switch to a mobile-friendly design scheme and layout? Here are some results.

  • Increased Traffic: more than half of all internet traffic comes from mobile devices, so designing your pages this way will yield significantly better numbers overall
  • More Sales: Although mobile users spend less per transaction on average, they do so more frequently. If you’re offering low-cost products and services, you can make a killing with mobile optimization.
  • Huge Marketing Opportunities: Even though mobile devices are outpacing traditional computers, advertisers and marketers are still struggling to keep up. There is a lot of potential with incorporating marketing campaigns with mobile-friendly landing pages as the competition is not that fierce (yet).
  • Build Trust: Many mobile users rely on research to determine if they are willing to do business with a particular brand. If you aren’t optimized for their screens, they will go to a competitor that is. Becoming mobile-friendly allows you to connect with your audience more rapidly and engage with them on their terms.

mobile optimization


Mobile usage is here to stay. The longer you wait to optimize your online presence, the harder it will be to survive in the future. We already have users who use mobile devices for all of their computing needs, so traditional optimization methods may become obsolete. Plan accordingly.