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Engineered to make
your life easier

We developed a proprietary online platform to help you create, manage, and achieve more without the hassle of emails.

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Engineered to make your life easier

More than designs

Our platform let's you do more in less time

Management made simple

Create as many design projects as you want and organize them as you please. When one project is done, we’ll move onto the next in the order you created. (Agency plan can have 2 active projects)

Management made simple
Organize better with Design Profiles

Organize with design profiles

Constantly need designs for a brand or customer? No problem! Create a design profile for them and upload all their information, logos, colors, fonts, etc. and we’ll take care of the rest. Next time you create a project for that brand or customer, simply select their design profile and you’re done!

Communication made simple

Finally a better way to communicate! No more long confusing email threads. Chat in real time with your designers and communicate all your needs quickly and effectively.

Communication made simple

Super accurate revisions

Simply Point & Click directly onto the image where you want the revision. And your designer will know exactly where/what you want changed.

Super accurate revisions
Get your team involved
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Get your team involved

Add your team to Penji

Invite as many team members as you want to Penji’s platform.

Set Permissions

Set specific permissions for each member based on their role.

Assign Projects

You can assign specific projects to specific team members.


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