Why You Need Email Marketing In 2018

by Johnathan Grzybowski, 12/29/17

Don’t launch your next campaign until you read this! If you want to maximize your email marketing, you have to understand why email is still a viable marketing strategy for 2018. Once you know why email marketing is good business strategy, we’ll show you five ways you can get the best results from your email marketing campaign.


  1. Email Marketing is Affordable and Delivers Transparent ROI  email marketing

It doesn’t cost a lot of money to run an email marketing campaign. If you do all of the work yourself, you only need to buy automation software. However, we recommend investing in your campaigns. Consider hiring a copywriter, marketing expert and/or digital agency to help you craft the full campaign.

Even the smallest of budgets can see a return on investment (ROI). In a study from the Direct Marketing Association, small business owners said their email marketing delivered an average ROI of 122%.

Your email advertisements start a conversation with your customer. That conversation is always focused around a conversion. It could be a one time offer, a special discount just for them or a flash sale.


  1. Email Reaches More Customers Than Social Media Marketing

There’s no doubt that most of society is on one or more social networks. However, the statistics say that email is still a more effective way to communicate with your customers.

SocialTwist conducted a study where they followed the marketing efforts of 119 referral campaigns. There goal was to compare the effectiveness of email marketing alongside social media marketing on Twitter and Facebook.

During the 18 month study, about 300,000 referrals converted to paying customers. Of those conversions, over 50% of them were reached by email, whereas 26% came from Twitter and 22% from Facebook.

Why is email marketing king? Because it delivers almost double the results as a social media campaign.


  1. Email Campaigns Provide Stats You Can Closely Track.

    email marketing

Most email marketing campaigns are ran through automation softwares. This software makes it easy to distribute your emails and track the related metrics. See what customers are opening your emails. Once you can figure out who is responding to what, you’ll better understand your customer. This understanding leads to more informed marketing – where you can break your target audience into segmentations. Then, use your email marketing software to send custom offers to specific groups of customers.

You can also learn how your customers engage with your content. Find out what areas of your email they are interacting with. See exactly what buttons they click on or fields they fill out. Learn what calls to action cause your customers to convert. Find out what messages are a miss and adapt your campaign as you see fit.

Email marketing gives you a lot of information to work with, and most programs do the data collection and grouping for you. Analyze the info that your email marketing gives you and use it to better brand your business.


How to Maximize Your Email Marketing 2018

Now that you’ve seen why email marketing is a must have for your business in 2018, check out these five ways to maximize your email marketing:


  1. Give Something Away

Prime your customer for a purchase by offering them something for free. Write an ebook and launch an email campaign where you give your “free book” away – then, showcase a premium product or service. Likewise, you can offer a trial of your product, email exclusive coupons, or similar. Savings is one of the reasons why people sign up for newsletters in the first place.


  1. Personalize the Message

A huge advantage of email marketing is that your software can individualize each advertisement. Use your customers’ name in the subject line. Everything from the first offer to the conversion page can be addressed directly to the user. If you’re practicing segmentation, you can send an email of your customer’s birthday. Think of ways to personalize your message with the user’s name, location, purchasing preferences, etc.


  1. Optimize Your Email Marketing Campaign for Mobile

    email marketing

Email is an easy and reliable way to reach mobile consumers. Send your email campaign and your target customer gets a ping sent right to their smartphone. According to a 2017 study by Litmus, 54% of emails are opened on a mobile device. The same Litmus study says that more than 27% of professional marketers feel that interactive emails produce positive results.

Think about the tool your audience uses to view your content. Tailor the message to that screen with good mobile design and guide the user’s interaction. Can you get your customer to download a mobile app? Do you want them to check in at your location?


  1. Create Content Worth Sharing & Give Users the Tools to Share It

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Produce entertaining and informative audio-visual content that your user will actually enjoy. Consider a podcast that answers your consumer’s questions and informs them of your company’s value proposition. Create YouTube content so your customer can see you and your product/service in action. Create an identity with interesting, unique and valuable content. Design your email campaign to leverage these assets.

When you produce quality, relevant content, you release a marketing asset that can be shared across social media. Design your email marketing template so it links to all of you company social accounts. You want your reader to click-and-share your content right to their Facebook, Twitter and other social feeds.


  1. Develop Your Email List with Organic and Transparent Tactics

Get email addresses for your marketing through natural means. Don’t buy a list of email subscribers. These addresses are often obtained using scams and misleading promises. Plus, no one wants their mailbox full of unsolicited content. Practices like these will hurt your brand over time.

When you send out your emails, use a clear, transparent headline. Avoid clickbait that doesn’t deliver on the information you’re marketing. You want to sell yourself in a capacity that you can deliver. Always offer your reader the opportunity to unsubscribe.