With businesses aiming to take a slice of income during this spending period, every Yuletide ad and every Christmas poster should be creative enough to bring in sales. And if you wish to stand out from the rest, the only way to do that is to subscribe to Penji. It’s one of the most trusted service providers that can handle all your Holiday graphic design requirements. Also, Penji is feeling extra generous this season. So here are some FREE Christmas-themed images and illustrations you can download for your marketing campaigns.

Here are some Holiday posters you might want to check out as you look for inspiration for your marketing tactic.

1. Nepresso 

Nepresso holiday poster

This ad would make anyone crave for a steaming cup of coffee amid the cold weather. The color palette of the poster makes it perfect for the season. 

2. Tide

tide holiday poster

This uncomplicated but creative poster shows a faulty pen that discharged a tree-shaped ink in a breast pocket. It gives a subtle message that the product can help consumers clean after the mess of holiday festivities.

3. Bath & Body Works 

Bath_&_Body_Works holiday poster

The palette for this Bath and Body Works ad features the quintessential Holiday colors of green and red. The gold and white elements of the product packaging add to the festive tone of the poster. Check out this article about The Most Wonderful Christmas Social Media Posts Of The Year

4. Costco 

Costco holiday poster

This ad released by the supermarket giant in 2017 is straightforward but effective. The sparkly silvery gray background compliments the red color of the sidebar as well as the Christmas ball.

5. Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf

Coffee_Bean_&_Tea_Leaf holiday poster

The coffee house’s ad has a vibrant color palette of crimson, white, and chocolate brown. The purple elements liven up the red background and serve as a nice contrast to the white parts of the image. 

6. FedEx

FedEx holiday poster

This simple poster by FedEx relies more on shapes than on colors. The delivery boxes stacked together looks a lot like a Christmas tree with a holiday present on top. Check out this article about Marketing Ideas for Events that Actually Work

7. Dunkin Donuts

Dunkin_Donuts holiday poster

Leave it to the creatives of this ad to make the donut and coffee house’s Christmas offerings look more festive than ever. The mint green accent and light green background serve as an excellent base for the chocolate, mocha, and cream colors of the drinks.

8. H&M

h&m holiday poster

This poster from H&M doesn’t use any festive color scheme or holiday themed-illustrations. Their choice of winter wear is enough to give the ad a “Christmasy” look. The scarlet color of their logo works perfectly well for the holiday poster.

9. Ikea

Ikea holiday poster

This clever ad for an early holiday sale features an image of a tiny tree adorned with what seems to be an oversized Christmas ball. The plainness of the image gives more emphasis to the main image and the brilliance of the idea.

10. Hellman’s

Hellmans holiday poster

This holiday ad for Hellman looks innovative but straightforward. The mayonnaise marks on the spoon resemble Santa Claus’ facial hair. The red background gives the image an even more festive look.

11. Greenpeace 

Greenpeace holiday poster

This public service announcement poster by the environmental advocacy group is both witty and creative. The image features an empty snow globe with what looks to be remnants of a snowman. 

12. Brasil Airlines 

Brasil_Airlines holiday poster

This ad poster for Brasil Airlines features a modern take on Santa Claus’ gift distribution task. The color palette is mostly bluish grey, reminiscent of a cold winter.

13. KitKat 

Kitkat holiday poster

The chocolate brand’s holiday ad stays true to its tagline, “Have a break, have a KitKat.” The image features a fake white beard hanging on a chair, implying that Santa is on a break.

14. McDonald’s 

McDonalds holiday poster

This poster for the fast-food chain’s holiday campaign features a box of fries so tall; it looks like a yellow Christmas tree.

15. Mercedes Benz 

Mercedes_Benz holiday poster

This ad for the automobile brand is memorable because of its humor. The photo shows a nativity scene with no one but the three kings who seemed to be the only ones who had reliable transportation to Bethlehem.

16. Old Navy

Old_Navy holiday poster

Old Navy’s holiday poster veers away from the usual red and green hues of Christmas. Instead, it uses a younger combo of pink, baby blue, and white. 

17. Pizza Hut 

Pizza_Hut holiday poster

The pizza chain’s Christmas poster ad shows a holiday special called Double Sensation Pizza. Aside from the faultless food photography, the Santa hand, little elves, and Christmas tree background all contribute to the holiday feel of the image.

18. Pringles 

Pringles holiday poster

This poster features a dreamy scene where a Pringles was portrayed as a house. The dark red background of the ad emphasizes the golden color of the chips.

19. Quality Street 

Quality_Street holiday poster

This ad for Quality Street relied on the bright colors of its candy wrappers. The image shows scattered candies resembling a reindeer head.

20. Ramada 

Ramada holiday poster

The hotel chain’s promotional image for a Christmas party is both uncomplicated and elegant. With one main image showing a lady with balloons, the poster featured a simple set of font style that’s easy to digest.

21. Starbucks

Starbucks holiday poster

This mostly white ad makes for a striking image that encourages viewers to focus on the bright red and magenta-hued Starbucks card in the middle. The shadows at the background give the image a 3D appeal and liven up the monochromatic parts of the poster.

22. Target


Consistent with its red and white branding, Target’s ad shows an image of a hand holding a mistletoe above two dogs. The diagonal stripes of red and dark red-colored in the background compliments the brand logo’s colors. 

23. Heineken

heineken holiday poster

Heineken’s mostly emerald branding color makes for an excellent base for its holiday ad. The red and white star and fireworks effects, paired with the green bokeh background, create an image that allows the eyes to focus on the beer bottle.

24. Pottery Barn 

Pottery_Barn holiday poster

This promotional image of Pottery Barn is the cover of its Holiday 2017 catalog. The photo features glass and matte metallic holiday ornaments illuminated with warm lights and complementing the forest green hues of the tree in the background.

25. Göteborg International Film Festival 

Göteborg_International_Film_Festival holiday poster

This Christmas poster ad for the Göteborg International Film Festival features a film strip shaped to resemble a gift. The scarlet gradient serves as a good background that doesn’t compete with the main image. Check out this article: Naughty or Nice, You’ll Love Our Christmas Graphics

Use Penji to Get the Best Christmas Poster Designs 

While there are many templates available online, it’s still best to hire the services of professional graphic designers. This is especially true for business owners or if you are managing a brand. Some of you might think that it’s expensive to get graphic designers. Well, if you choose Penji, you’d get outstanding graphic designs for a fraction of the cost. Here’s how you can use their services. 

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Wait for the Initial Draft and Send Points for Revision 

penji platform

The designers will send the first draft and you can check if there is anything they missed out. From there, you can send feedback by clicking the image where a comment box will appear. This way, the designer will be able to pinpoint which details are to be amended. 

Download the Design, Publish or Print Your Christmas Posters

penji platform

Now that you are happy with the design, you can download it right away. You don’t even need to wait for the designer to send the raw files separately. Again, the app has it all for you. It’s convenient! 

Check out what Penji has to offer and get the best design plans perfect for your budget.