Building an Authentic Community

adminWFM By adminWFM, 05/09/19

Community building sounds easy right? But to anyone who is trying to build a community, you know how hard it is to get your community, customers, or friends to get involved. We spoke to two of the most dedicated and trust worthy co-working spaces in Philadelphia to learn how they are building an authentic community.

Adam Teterus

“If you love something, let it go.”

When I say “let it go”, I don’t mean Frozen. And I don’t mean abandon it or strip it out of your life. Bear with me, here:

I love comic books, and the comic book community has taught me a lot about being passionate, generous, and curious. Comic book fans are known for ruthlessly defending the stories they love against those who don’t understand or deserve them. But that’s hogwash, and it’s no way to live.

If you love something, give it away so other people can enjoy it, too. The greatest way to love something is to invite others to love it with you.

Tamra Thompson

Tamra builds communities of value at 1776 through the development of curated curriculum, classes, workshops, and connections that facilitate business and entrepreneurial growth at every stage. She believes these communities are key to enabling our members to reach their full potential. In 2013, Tamra began a three-year journey that cemented her beliefs in the value of community, living in New Zealand and immersing herself in her paternal family’s native Maori culture. A lifelong learner, Tamra spends her free time reading, listening to podcasts, and relaxing with Netflix.