Build A Website Or App Using Unlimited Graphic Design

Tina Lombardo By Tina Lombardo, 09/06/18

In most situations, websites are best for getting the word out about your service. Even for dentists.  A website is a great place for prospective clients to research your services and experience level. There might be an option for them to fill out paperwork in advance or take a virtual tour of the office. For already established clients, an app would be extremely helpful. As a dentist, an app could allow them to do many things virtually. They can see upcoming appointments, schedule a new appointment, review records from previous appointments, or even send a question to you regarding treatment. With unlimited graphic design services like Penji, you have the option to build a website, app, and anything else that is important to your business. 


The Value of a Website

build a website

Websites are more important than a business address these days. Your content is ever changing so a downloadable app would not be practical. Services like plumbing, roofing companies and moving companies would all do well on a website. Since they rely heavily upon the steady flow of new customers. A customer would see no value in an app for a roofing company as they only have need for a roofer every 10 years or if weather moves that timeline up. Build a website that speaks volumes about what you do and how well you do it. Penji can improve your website design to bring in more business.


The Value of a App

Apps are interactive software that users can download to their mobile device. So, with the tap of an icon, users can interact directly with your app. This is beneficial for repeat customers as they don’t have to repeatedly search for your website. If you are in the Gaming Industry, an app is the best place to provide your service. A website could get complicated for a user and is dependent upon their internet stability. An app, however, has been downloaded to their device and can be accessed at anytime regardless of internet strength. A healthcare app is a great way to communicate with current clients. It improves their user experience which should be your number one priority with repeat clients.