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Top 20 Best Healthcare Ads To Inspire Your Next Marketing Campaign ‌ ‌

January 15, 2019, by


Marketing is an effective way to reach a target audience. Marketing campaigns can trigger leads, generate an increase in customer conversion, and grow your brand name. So, although businesses are known to utilize marketing, the healthcare industry also creates some of the best marketing campaigns in the field. The healthcare industry markets through the use of personalization and trust. So by sharing patient stories, brand personality, or by being involved in a trend is a great way to market. But in order to compete with the largest healthcare organizations in the industry, invest in good graphic design. The most impactful way to reach a consumer is through marketing efforts. So get inspired by some of the best healthcare ads. 

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Here are the top 25 best healthcare ads to inspire your next marketing campaign:

Carilion Clinic Campaign: #YESMAMM

Carilion Clinic
Carilion Clinic of Virginia’s Roanoke Valley created the “Yes, Mamm” marketing campaign. The Twitter campaign used the #YESMAMM hashtag to answer common breast cancer questions from their audience. The campaign was a friendly interactive way to raise awareness to breast cancer. It also drove traffic to the Carilion Clinic website to not only encourage women to make an appointment at one of their local labs, but to also be aware of the potential issue. 
So, the campaign became successful due to the use of social media. The clinic chose the right platform for their campaign, knowing that the campaign would peak the interest of their target audience. Twitter also made it easier for the majority of their audience to respond to the campaign.

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New York Presbyterian Hospital Campaign: Patient Stories

New York Presbyterian
Patient stories can trigger emotions of empathy. It is a good promotion of the healthcare field, since it retells the stories of patients being saved by medical practices. This marketing campaign creates a sensitive tone for consumers, while shining a positive light on their hospital reputation.
The story of Michael Kiernan from the New York Presbyterian campaign sparked many responses to the ad. By showcasing raw stories on how doctors and nurses are able to support patients during dire needs, audiences can put their trust in New York Presbyterian hospital.

UnitedHealthcare Campaign: We Dare You

UnitedHealthcare created an interactive campaign in order to promote healthier habits. The campaign created monthly dares, quizzes, and prizes on its website.UnitedHealthcare worked on encouraging their followers to make one small healthy change per month and document it on social media.
So, the campaign was successful for many reasons. Followers of the media are responsive to challenges – it’s fun, harmless, and spreads awareness.

The Mayo Clinic Campaign: Sharing Mayo Clinic Blog

The purpose of The Mayo Clinic campaign is to gather their diverse patients into a global online community. The blog showcases stories from patients, family members, and Mayo Clinic staff. The stories are seen as a source of inspiration.
This campaign boosted Mayo Clinic’s well-known reputation as a trusted healthcare resource. Mayo Clinic is utilizing healthcare marketing into their campaign by enhancing their content. The campaign became so successful due to their diverse global followers and informative blog that is shared frequently.

Dana-Farber Brigham & Women’s Cancer Center Campaign: You Have Us

Dana-Farber Brigham & Women's Cancer Center
Dana-Farber Brigham & Women’s Cancer Center created the slogan, “Right now you may have cancer. But what your cancer doesn’t know is — You Have Us.” The quote became an empowering tool to those dealing with cancer. The campaign made a tremendous impact on their audience by sharing words of encouragement and a support system. The Dana-Farber Cancer Institute also created inspiring online videos that showed the center’s approach to cancer treatment and state-of-the-art facilities. By sharing the videos along with their slogan on social media, Dana-Farber Brigham & the Women’s Cancer Center built trust and dependability between them and their patients.

Banner Health Campaign: Infographics

Banner Health
In digital marketing, visual content is widely utilized and shared. A way to create visual design with written content it through infographics. Banner Health has created many wellness, parenting, nutrition, and mental health infographics for their audience in order to stay informed about their health. The infographics serve a specific purpose to simplify difficult content into consumable content.
Infographics typically target those who are not interested in reading a lengthy, technical article on an important target. Instead, infographics summarize the important pieces from a concept and visually maps it out for the reader. The Banner Health infographic campaigns are successful because infographics are shareable through all social platforms and many people need the information.

Philips: #MakeLifeBetter Campaign

In 2017, Philips created their Better Me, Better World concept as part of their #MakeLifeBetter campaign. The campaign aims to improve the lives of 3 billion people each year by 2025. This concept is an interactive campaign for their audience in order to improve themselves, as well as it is a way for Philips to better connect with their followers. The Better Me, Better World campaign provides users with personal benefits – some of their causes include: caring for at risk mothers and children, community access to healthcare, social entrepreneurs, healthy lifestyles for children, and more. The campaign became such a success due to the positive atmosphere that Philips created.

Boston Scientific: #STEMtember Campaign

Boston Scientific:
Their #STEMtember campaign showcased many stories from Boston Scientific teams around the world and the STEM activities they’re participating in. Some activities include:
Robot Competition Team: The activity centered around an all-female team of high school students. The team has to build and compete in robotics competitions.
Science School Program in Japan: Boston Scientific Japan launched a medical science experiential school for children in order to learn about human anatomy. The school provided hands on learning for medical and scientific education.
By providing hands on activities, people are more receptive to learning and sharing the resource.

Johnson & Johnson: Preparing Nurses For The Future Campaign

Johnson & Johnson launched the campaign for Nurses’ Future in 2002 to address the shortage on nurses in the nation. The Campaign aims to convert more people into the nursing career. is an online portion of the Campaign. It’s where nursing organizations, schools, hospitals and other healthcare groups share information and resources.
The campaign sparked interest around people since the campaign uplifted an entire community. Not only did it promote the nursing industry, but the campaign also gave people a voice to share their stories.

Anne Arundel’s Medical Center Campaign: Mustache Selfie Facebook Contest

Anne Arundel's Medical Center
Anne Arundel’s Medical Center created an online contest asking their followers to post their best selfie with a fake mustache. The campaign aimed to raise awareness for men’s health during November (No Shave November, etc). The responses were charming and raised awareness to the campaign’s message. The contest also increased traffic to the medical center’s online page for Men’s Health.
The campaign became so popular due to the impact it had on social media. It was a fun and informative campaign for everyone to enjoy.

PillPack Campaign: Add a Good Review

PillPack leveraged their PR resource into shareable content on Facebook. By sharing a Forbes article about them, the brand enhanced their credibility by bringing in a reliable resource to testify for them. Even though the campaign did the bare minimum, it was extremely effective in their marketing efforts. It was successful because the campaign provided raw evidence on their dependability.

Lumosity Campaign: Include a Game

Lumosity has implemented the popularity for online quizzes and tests into their Facebook ad. Their brain-game became an effective tool to engage with their followers. So, by claiming that the quiz only takes 10 minutes to do, the ad is more desirable and marketers do not have to persuade people to engage. The ad was successful because it was a unique approach to marketing and made the campaign interactive and fun.

truBrain Campaign: Add Dependability

truBrain ensures that their products have testimonials. By having a quote for reference, consumers will be more trusting with truBrain’s products. Their Facebook ad uses the sayings such as, “designed by neuroscientists” in order to make their brand look reliable. The ad became successful because the campaign created a dependable outlook for the brand.

DailyBurn Campaign: Motivate Your Audience

DailyBurn created a Facebook video campaign with a good announcer and an uplifting soundtrack. The brand created a good image for what it looks like to exercise, it’s in a high-energy atmosphere and the people are genuinely happy. The video represents who their target audience is, showing their viewers that they can also be apart of the exercise. The video ad was effective due to the fact that it was an interactive and motivating campaign.

Muscle & Fitness – Give Good Content

Muscle & Fitness
Muscle & Fitness has a well known message for their brand: we’re here to help you out, and we’re not asking anything in return. The ask still exists, but just comes later, when it’s time to subscribe. The brand shares their articles on fitness as a Facebook ad online. This work gave them a lot of impressions with little cost. Their ads are successful because of branding – when businesses have a reputation for something, they leverage onto it as a specialty to market. – Create a Sense Of Urgency
A common marketing technique is to create a sense of urgency in their campaigns. has leveraged onto this concept by creating a Facebook ad with a deadline. So, by using a lot of trigger words such as: last chance and don’t miss out. If a campaign creates a sense of urgency, people will be more responsive to the campaign.

Planned Parenthood – Be Controversial Through Emotions

Planned Parenthood
Planned Parenthood became the talk of social media in the 20th century. Their Facebook ads typically work around an “us vs. them” discussion. The ads can be looked at as controversial, but that is the purpose and how to get attention fast.

Six Month Smiles – Offer a Coupon

Six Month Smiles
Typically, dentists get clients through word of mouth marketing. Six Month Smiles creates Facebook ads that offers coupons. The campaign is text heavy but the coupon is visible still. By offering people an incentive, the responses are higher.

Project Lean Nation – Create a Vertical Ad

Project Lean Nation
Project Lean Nation creates carousel ads on Facebook to feature their content. The photos for each plan type are athlete, organic, men’s and women’s. By designing your ad to be unique, it becomes more memorable. Be aesthetically pleasing.

Pure ProteinBranding

Pure Protein
Pure Protein typically re-engage with their audience through Facebook ads. The brand created an ad that treated their product as a treat. Another ad designed it as a meal replacement, and another with it in the back pocket of a gym bag. So, by connecting the product with the consumer’s own personal experiences, engagement will increase.

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