Johnathan Grzybowski, Author at Unlimited Graphic Design Service

Johnathan Grzybowski

Johnathan Grzybowski, is the Chief Marketing Officer and co-founder of Penji. His content covers marketing, scaling your business, sales, and lead generation.

Articles written by Johnathan Grzybowski:


These Foolproof Prospecting Scripts Will Boost Your Sales

Bringing in sales for agencies or startups is never easy. Cold emailing can be akin...

Email marketers

Why You Need Email Marketing In 2020

Don’t launch your next campaign until you read this! If you want to maximize your...


The Highest Producing Content Calendar Template Marketers Need

When you're prepared, you're able to think clearly. There's no secret that a major key...


Tips On Running A Successful Online Business

Back in the old days, if you wanted to start your own business, you had...

Small businesses

How To Create a Pitch Deck

If you’ve watched Shark Tank or have been to a pitch competition, then this article...

Email marketers

How To Prevent Emails Going To Spam

You’ve taken the time to create the perfect email. You’ve researched the best time to...

Small businesses

How A/B Testing Will Help You Understand Your Customers

A/B testing, also known as a “split test” is a method to compare two different...

Logo design

Think About This Before Your Logo Design Consultation

When you begin thinking about your logo design, remember that your logo is an extension...


3 Lead Generation Tips For Acquiring New Clients

The amount of leads you generate for your company will determine if you stay in...

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