We all know that a good presentation can make or break a deal. But what many people don’t know is that using an animated PowerPoint template can help your presentations stand out from the rest.

In this blog post, we’ll be giving you 13 animated PowerPoint templates to choose from. Whether you’re looking to increase conversion rates, create brand awareness, or simply engage and entertain your audience, these templates will do the trick!

1. PresenterMedia

PresenterMedia is dedicated to letting you create the most amazing demonstrations and lectures. Their website allows customers to download an unlimited number of templates, each with its own themes, animations, and graphics. Upon looking at the homepage, you’ll find that PresenterMedia divides its core features into 7 categories:

  • Powerpoint Templates
  • Powerpoint Animations
  • Presentation Charts
  • Video Backgrounds
  • Custom Graphics
  • Background Music 
  • Slideclips Video Maker

Each and every feature listed here also has its own set of subcategories. This means that whatever kind of animated PowerPoint you have in mind—be it infographics, timelines, or holidays—Presenter Media has you covered. Their selections are very specific in order to cater to as many people’s needs as possible. 

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2. Visme

Visme offers an intuitive way to grab the attention of your viewers. Creating a presentation is super simple. First, you’ll want to create your PowerPoint the old-school way, either using the Microsoft program or Google Slides. With a business account on Visme, you can then upload your presentation there.

Now you can go ahead and create a new presentation. Visme will give you the opportunity to transform your old PowerPoint with its endless templates. You’re free to add dynamic transitions and decide when each slide should advance. 

You can add all kinds of design elements with Visme’s expansive library of templates. 

3. PowerPoint School

Powerpoint School is a free service that provides users with a huge list of PowerPoint templates. If you’d like to create an infographic, a timeline, or any other business-related presentation, this service is an easy way to get started. 

While the templates are a bit on the “basic” side, they’re still dynamic enough to get your point across while looking stylish. This is especially true if you prefer a more minimalist aesthetic. Powerpoint School has a variety of simplistic templates with bold colors. 

Simply download something that you find interesting and open it to edit the text to your liking. PowerPoint School also allows you to add and remove presentation elements as you please. If you’re on a time crunch, this is the perfect service to put something together for the next meeting.

4. SlidesMania

Do you know what’s fantastic for any child-friendly, family-oriented, or easy-to-digest presentation? SlidesMania, that’s what. 

SlidesMania dedicates its website to helping teachers and educators create fun animated PowerPoint designs. You see, when we think of PowerPoint, we often think of business situations—a guy standing in an office lecturing his employees with a slideshow. We often forget that PowerPoints are an amazing tool for childhood education. With the animated templates from SlidesMania, you can add a whole new meaning to your lesson plan. 

Slidesmania has filters for educational, formal, fun, and even simplistic templates. In many cases, the platform animates the whole thing. In other instances, it’ll just have an animated cover. 

The thing that makes SlidesMania stand out from the rest is that it has options for animated backgrounds and decorative items. This means that as you’re presenting, your audience will be able to see rotating, floating, or flipping objects in the background. If that isn’t cool, I’m not sure what is.

5. SlidesGo

SlidesGo is yet another service that dedicates itself solely to presentations. Upon visiting their homepage you’ll notice that their templates range from minimalist to abstract, to cartoony. You can choose from a variety of specific themes. If you’re excited for Halloween, you can go with a spooky template. If you have a fixation on all things retro, many of their templates include pixelated artwork. Say your presentation is about outer space; SlidesGo has dozens of galactic templates to choose from. 

If you’re visiting for the free stuff, simply click on the license filter, and select “free.” to get access to all templates, you can choose a Premium plan for yourself or for your entire team.

6. Canva

Who doesn’t love Canva? This freemium web-based service has a library of templates for various business endeavors. You can design anything from a basic logo or web banner to an entire PowerPoint. 

Despite having a premium program, Canva offers many of its intuitive editing tools for free. When adding text to your slideshow, for example, the website allows you to alter the words however you’d like. Users can select a font from a huge library, then bend it, resize it, and add various visual effects to it. 

These PowerPoint templates can be edited, shared, and presented right within your browser. No downloads are needed! You can even choose the type of file you’d wish to save it as. 

7. SlideSalad

SlideSalad. The go-to service for business and education templates. If you want your animated PowerPoint to exude professionalism while still showcasing some dynamic movement, then SlideSalad is just for you. 

Although the provided templates have a similar theme, they are great for making your presentation feel important. SlideSalad designs animated PowerPoints for business reports, portfolios, and thesis defenses. Your audience will respect your presentation and applaud you for keeping their attention. 

To create a free animated PowerPoint, you can simply create an account on their website. For the premium templates, you’ll have to pay for each individual one.

8. Envato Elements

With their 7 days trial, you can download unlimited templates from Envato Elements. This service provides templates for many different projects including presentations. They have an endless library of presentation models, each with its own color scheme and style. While their selection is wide, I’d recommend Envato Elements to those who prefer a more modern and sleek design. 

These animated PowerPoints are fantastic for infographics, events, and even social media stories. If you’ll need a new presentation on a regular basis, then consider their premium options. The subscription plan includes millions of creative assets along with commercial licensing. 

9. Albert’s Shop

Albert’s Shop specializes in infographics and charts. While those subject matters may sound boring, Albert’s Shop works to make them fun and dynamic. With a plentiful amount of animated presentations to choose from, you’ll never get bored scrolling through their website. 

If you’re looking to create an informative report, or just explain some crucial information, Albert’s Shop has many templates with their own style and pre-made animations. You can edit it to your heart’s content by taking it over to Excel. Or you can simply type in the relevant information, and let the pre-made design speak for itself. What’s cool about Albert’s Shop is that you can decide the price of each template. You can pay anywhere from $0.00 to $100 if you’re feeling generous.

10. SlideHunter

SlideHunter gives you a great deal, with many static templates to choose from. However, there are a few options for free animated PowerPoints. There are two templates for medical presentations and two for business endeavors. SlideHunter has a helpful search bar that can be used to scope out these four templates. 

While the selection is minimal, you can tell how much effort was put into creating these templates. If you’ve been assigned a short project and either the business or medical field, it may require a short presentation. In this case, it’s best to use a template from SlideHunter. I think what’s most cool about this service is that you can add your own animations. Adding a transition effect will help bring your animated PowerPoint to the next level.

11. Slide Chef

If you’re a Google Slides fan like I am, then you’ll enjoy this one. Slide Chef dedicates itself to providing a free resource for slide templates. Due to its vibrant and quirky styles, most of the templates are suitable for an audience of children. Think about it: if you’re an elementary schooler, chances are you wouldn’t want to pay attention to a PowerPoint with basic fonts and geometric shapes. If you’re a teacher or caretaker, a website with professional business PowerPoints isn’t going to work. Instead, you need something that includes a lot of characters, color, and dynamic transitions. 

These templates are specially designed for Google Slides. That being said, it’s possible to export the files to a regular PowerPoint as well.

12. Giant Template

Okay, so here’s the deal with Giant Template: there’s only one animated PowerPoint presentation to work with. Now, before you roll your eyes, hear me out. This huge template includes 30 animated slides. Most of these slides contain lots of geometric shapes and cutting-edge graphics. Furthermore, there are so many customization options. Its flexibility allows you to use the slides again and again, without your audience getting déjà vu. Considering that the service comes at the low price of $0, I say you’re getting a pretty good deal.

13. SlideEgg

If you’re looking for something super colorful then give SlideEgg a try. With a free account, you can download 5 animated PowerPoint slides per day. It may not seem like a lot, but when you’re getting free templates, it’s kinda hard to ask for much. 

The cool thing about SlideEgg is that you can separate templates by color scheme. So if you’re looking for a blue presentation to match your branding, they’ve got you covered. Because color has an important place in human psychology, choosing the colors of your presentation is crucial. For example, if you want your audience to pay attention and learn something urgently and quickly, then red is a great choice. Likewise, if you want your presentation to promote comfort and tranquility, then your best choice would be blue. 

To create a full presentation, it may take a while. On the flip side, the slow download rates may help you think a little more about the quality of your work. Just make sure to get a head start when using this service for free.

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