As players immerse themselves in the captivating world of video games, advertisers have discovered new ways to engage their audience. However, establishing a presence in the gaming industry requires strategic deployment of gaming ads. The question now is: where does one start this strategy? The following list presents a treasure trove of ten inspiring game ads that have captured attention and set new standards for creativity and impact. Join us as we unveil the convergence of contests and advertising. 

1. K/DA for League of Legends

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K/DA is a virtual K-pop girl group with four League of Legends champion characters: Akali, Evelynn, and Kai’Sa. Riot Games created the group in collaboration with K-pop artists to promote the 2018 League of Legends World Championship. The group’s debut single, “Pop/Stars,” was released in November 2018. K/DA’s music video quickly became a viral sensation on social media platforms.

K/DA released additional songs, including “The Baddest” and “More,” and has gained a significant following within and outside the League of Legends community. The group also inspired a line of merchandise, such as clothing, accessories, and figurines. K/DA’s success has been attributed to its combination of League of Legends lore, K-pop music, and stylish visuals.

2. Sega’s Genesis Does What Nintendon’t

Sega Genesis Does What Nintendon’t was a marketing slogan used by Sega during the early 1990s to promote their Sega Genesis console as a superior alternative to Nintendo’s Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES).

The slogan became a famous catchphrase and was used in subsequent ads, print materials, and video games. The marketing campaign is a classic example of aggressive advertising and helped establish Sega as a significant player in the console market during the 1990s.

3. Halo 3 Believe

ads in games example

Halo 3 Believe was a multimedia marketing campaign created by Microsoft to promote the release of the video game “Halo 3” in 2007. The centerpiece of the “Halo 3 Believe” campaign was a series of dioramas created by special effects company Stan Winston Studio. These dioramas depicted scenes from the game, such as a battle between soldiers and aliens, and were painstakingly crafted using a combination of practical effects and digital technology. The campaign helped generate hype for “Halo 3” and contributed to the game’s record-breaking sales.

If you want to try music video ads, you can create small snippets from your music video to run as video posts across Instagram or Facebook.

4. Travis Scott with Fortnite

Ads in games can also be experiential instead of something that viewers consume passively. In 2020, Epic Games took the experience to another level by working with Travis Scott for the release of his song Astronomical. 

Travis Scott is a rapper and musician who collaborated with the popular video game “Fortnite” in 2020 to host a virtual concert experience within the game. The “Astronomical” event was held over several days and participated by 12.3 million players. Travis Scott’s digital avatar performed on a virtual stage within the game. On the other hand, players participated in a series of interactive activities like dancing and battling giant monsters. The event was known for its innovative use of technology to create a unique and immersive experience for players.

5. Halo’s Monument of Light

This is another example of creating an immersive promotional experience through game ads. Three weeks before the introduction of Halo: Reach, Microsoft unveiled its Monument of Light campaign. The ad allowed the audience to control a robotic arm and draw a point of light through a website. The website garnered over 54,000 hits, resulting in the creation of a spectacular monument.

6. Fifa 18 El Tornado

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If you are into sports games, watch the FIFA 18 El Tornado iconic ad. “FIFA 18 El Tornado” is a unique skill move introduced in the video game “FIFA 18,” released in 2017 by EA Sports. The movement was named after the famous tornado kick, a martial arts technique that involves spinning and kicking with both legs and was designed to replicate this move in the context of the game.

7. Assassin’s Creed: My Life As An NPC

Assassin’s Creed, My Life As An NPC is a humorous television commercial created to promote releasing the video game “Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag” in 2013. The ad is a brainchild of Ubisoft, the game’s developer and publisher. It features a fictional NPC (non-playable character) from the game’s open-world environment.

The ad’s humor and relatability helped to generate buzz and excitement for the release of “Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag. As a result, Assassin’s Creed IV became the best-selling and most critically acclaimed game in the series.

8. Sony PlayStation: Long Live Play – Character Commercial

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Sony PlayStation: Long Live Play – Character Commercial is a cinematic television commercial released by Sony in 2011. It aims to promote the PlayStation brand and its lineup of exclusive video games. The ad features several iconic video game characters from various PlayStation franchises. It includes Kratos from “God of War,” Nathan Drake from “Uncharted,” and Solid Snake from “Metal Gear Solid.”

The ad was widely praised for its creative direction and use of beloved video game characters. It also helped strengthen PlayStation’s position as one of the leading video game consoles on the market.

9. PlayStation Move 

This popular gaming ad shows the ‘move’ version of the PlayStation. By incorporating intelligent game controllers, this PS enables players to play RPGs and games like badminton, pool, football, snooker, and more. In addition, the ad shows the different ways to use the PlayStation. 

10. Super Princess Peach Commercial

ads in games example

The Super Princess Peach Commercial is a television advertisement for the video game “Super Princess Peach” introduced by Nintendo in 2006 for the Nintendo DS handheld gaming console. The commercial was produced by Nintendo and featured a combination of live-action and animated footage. The ad’s upbeat music and vibrant colors help to create a sense of excitement and adventure. Conversely, the live-action footage of young girls playing the game helps to highlight the game’s appeal to a female audience.

Tips for creating ads in games

When implemented correctly, this advertising strategy will help increase your revenue as a game developer and advertiser. You must consider these essential points to make impactful ads in video games. 

Tip #1. Connect with a story

The ad examples we have shared all employ a captivating kind of storytelling. They also use visuals from their games and game locations or characters in their ads. Why? It is because players choose games as part of a unique story. Showing them how a game helps them relax, get entertained, or immerse in a new world connects with players emotionally. 

You can start your video gaming ad with a powerful story by:

  • Creating a script
  • Recording your gameplay
  • Combing your recordings using a game video editor
  • Editing, like adding music and texts to enhance your ads. 

Tip #2. Understand your players’ motivations

As a marketer promoting a video game or creating gaming ads, you must know the player’s motivations. Start by listing down the main characteristics of the game. By delving into why people engage with games, advertisers understand the preferences and behaviors of their target audience. This knowledge helps them create more targeted and appealing ad campaigns that align with players’ interests, enhancing the overall effectiveness of the ad strategy. 

Tip #3. Advertise in-game for a broader reach

Gaming ads are not just about social media, YouTube, or Google. You can also consider in-game ads. It is essential to know that the best place to market games is within already existing games. This is because players of one game may be interested in other games, too. 

You’ve probably seen notifications like this one while playing a mobile game.

Below are the popular in-game ads you can utilize:

  • Playable ads are mini-games that users can try before installing the game. They are always enjoyable, create a good user experience, and deliver the industry’s highest eCPM (Effective cost per mille/thousand). 
  • Rewarded video ads provide users with a transparent value exchange. They are opt-in, increase in-app purchases, and entice users to return. 
  • Offerwalls serve as mini-stores in an app, listing tasks users can complete in exchange for a reward. These ads are entirely user-initiated and deliver higher eCPM. 
  • Interstitial ads can appear between levels in a game or during an app launcher. The purpose of interstitial ads is to capture the user’s attention during natural breaks in the user’s interaction, maximizing the chances of engagement.  


The ads in games help promote brand awareness through computer and console games or mobile games. This strategy is more straightforward to adopt, given the presence of various platforms for online advertising. And if you need assistance with your ad campaigns, Penji is here to help. Please browse our 120+ design services and choose the best pricing plan that meets your needs.