How A/B Testing Will Help You Understand Your Customers

Johnathan Grzybowski By Johnathan Grzybowski, 03/01/18

A/B testing, also known as a “split test” is a method to compare two different approaches of marketing a service or product to an audience. In digital marketing, products and services are shown to potential customers in ways that hopefully encourage purchases to be made. Products and services can be promoted via email, advertisements, landing pages and more. A/B tests are used to determine how effective these promotions are depending on what kinds of creative elements are included in them.

If this is your first time using A/B testing, your objective will be to randomly split your audience in two. You will need unlimited graphic design services to do so, according to what you want to test. Splitting audiences can be done with using two separate tools created by different companies that work in similar ways.

Be sure to test one thing at a time when interpreting data. Like many tests, the first thing to do is start a hypothesis and define it clearly.

A common “formula” to follow is “If _____, then _____.”

So as an example, “If the newsletter includes a large banner image, then traffic to the website that it leads to will go up.”

a/b testing

Record your data as you evaluate promotional material with new and existing designs. It is easy to come up with an assumption after only a day or so of testing. You need to be sure that your sample size is lucrative enough. This is to be proven that the result you got is not random. There are tools you can use to undergo a “pre-test analysis” that will determine how long it should take you to measure results for your test.

After you used unlimited graphic design services to split your audience and test out your hypothesis, commence the A/B test. Hopefully, you will see one version of your promotional material perform better than the other. If you see results that seem too insufficient, you will need to prolong the test to get a more definite sample size.

With each test you do, you should be constantly learning about your consumer base and take action accordingly. Each A/B test will help you understand what will attract consumers as well as what will repel them.