Facebook accounts for over 25% of all digital ad spending. If you’re making digital ads, chances are Facebook is part of your business model.

But not all Facebook ads are created equal. These Facebook ad templates aren’t just free to download—they’re proven to generate clicks. This collection includes Facebook ad templates for five different industries:

  • Agency & Marketing
  • Clothing & Apparel
  • Food & Beverages
  • General Services
  • SaaS & Technology

Here are 47 Facebook ad templates guaranteed to drive results.

9 Facebook ad templates for agencies & marketing

A Facebook ad for a design service

If you’re advertising your marketing services or agency, you want to make sure your ads reflect the quality of your work. The ad itself needs to be proof that you’re the expert marketing agency your future client is looking for. That’s why these stylish templates are a must-have.

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10 Facebook ad templates for clothing and apparel

A Facebook ad announcing a clothing sale

Apparel is one of the industries that makes up the biggest share of Facebook advertising. The data Facebook collects can help you target your ads to the people most interested in your brand. Whether you make clothes for the office or the runway, these templates will yield results.

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10 Facebook ad templates for food & beverage

A Facebook ad for M&Ms

The food and beverage industry can be a great playground for marketers to explore bold strategies. Even the biggest brands will go all out with mascots, celebrity cameos, and absurd concepts. Even so, eye-catching graphic design with strong brand identity is the first step.

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8 Facebook ad templates for service industries

A Facebook ad for a lawn and gardening service

On a local level, businesses in the service industry don’t always need expert graphic design. But if you’re advertising on Facebook, you’re not just competing with other services in your area. You’re competing for the viewer’s attention with every single ad on Facebook. Meta also has tools to help you target your ads to people who need your service.

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10 Facebook ad templates for tech & SaaS

Examples of Facebook ads for tech services like Slack and Figma

If you traffic in tech, you need your Facebook ads to be cutting edge. Your audience is trusting you with their money, their data, and their time, so they’ll be extra skeptical about low-quality ads. This is especially true for B2B SaaS, where a well-done ad can offer professionals the exact solution they’re looking for.

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Professional Facebook ads when you need them

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